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  1. tdogg21

    Female wrestlers

    Although I wasn't asked about it I can at least provide something to quell ya. Images from her last match (at least according to most websites)
  2. tdogg21

    Amanda Fuller (Last Man Standing)

    Jesus Christ 🤤
  3. tdogg21

    Megan Jayne Crabbe (bodyposipanda)

    Easy answer. She’s black
  4. tdogg21

    Geordie shore

    They look a lot better tbh
  5. tdogg21

    Female wrestlers

    Who's in Team PAWG
  6. tdogg21

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    wonder if she'll ever twitch stream ever again. Says she'll stream when she gets a house and yet nothing in months 🤔
  7. tdogg21

    Female wrestlers

    Crack kills
  8. tdogg21

    Female wrestlers

    Lmfao that sucks but cmon you can't take risks like that.
  9. tdogg21

    Amanda Fuller (Last Man Standing)

    Looking thick as hell in jeans
  10. tdogg21

    Kelly Clarkson

    The rebound is gonna be so delicious
  11. tdogg21

    Carrie Ann Inaba

    Is she ever gonna actually lose weight? Probably just gave up at this point from the looks of things.
  12. tdogg21

    Burping and beers.

    Great video and sorry about the previous review. Can't wait to see more from you
  13. Now here’s how to correctly do a before and after 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. dsadas


      You have no idea how varied or what her diet is like. If you find that specific post you will also in fact see that it is a before and after. She lot weight and then gained 30 lbs back.

    3. John Smith

      John Smith

      I think you're really misunderstood my last comment. I said that your posted picture is more like a "during-to-after" instead a "before-after" (in the colloquial meaning of the word) , because she was rotund before, then shed all of her extra weight before to gain few dozens again.

      And there, you're just repeating the exact same thing , yet you seem either confused or offended in your answer. 



    4. tdogg21


      To be fair I think she also had weight loss surgery so 🤷‍♂️

  14. tdogg21

    Nicole Hampton - bikini model

    You’re an actual idiot if you thought it was worth a go and that it had an percentage of a chance of working. Go back and read your message and think if any sane person would say that. Holy crap this community is beyond delusional. Makes me wonder how some of you function as people in society.
  15. tdogg21

    Suzy Berhow (Mort3mer)

    I’m pretty sure her sister is actually thinner than she is lol . EDIT: Photo Evidence