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  1. idk if Im being crazy but she's gotta be sucking in in that third photo. Judging but how far her belly sticks out when she's standing there's no way it'd be as concave while sitting down.
  2. Tits poppin out, chubby gut and a fat ass? This woman has it all
  3. Does anyone happen to know what this was in reference to?
    Really great video seeing the changes in your body since you first joined the site! To go from having jeans and shorts that were tight to not unable to button them shows just how much of a fatty you've become! I think more content showing off your growing body in clothes would be awesome but anything you put out in the future will be amazing!
  4. LOL ‘isn’t like that’. Clearly she is and has no issue charging what she feels is appropriate for that content. Not sure who’s actually gonna buy this besides Mike.
  5. I think here she had more tummy than she does now but overall she’s fatter now
    Awesome video as always! Always love to see you wearing jeans can't wait for your next video
  6. Talk about angles! She looks like she put on over 100 pounds !
  7. I think based of my two favorite pics of yours it's As general chunkiness in her gut that I really liked!
  8. Can't wait till you can get more material of A and B that's the highlight of the thread !
    Great Video! Your belly looked ready to pop out of your jeans.
  9. I love that we have a side profile of her from over two years ago almost and we got people in here still thinking she’s actually getting bigger 🤣
  10. Muted Decor

    Female wrestlers

    I can do in one picture what weeks possibly even months worth of posting WWE screen caps can’t, and that’s have an actual fat female wrestler
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