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    This video is insanely hot! You show off not only how fat and bloated your belly looks compared to the rest of your body but show us other great parts as well. You even get a great view of your fat ass in the mirror the entire time! 5/5 for sure!
  1. Calm down there buddy you’re starting to spam a bit 🙄
  2. That tummy jiggle! Wonder if one day your belly will catch up to your butt
  3. It's amazing to see her widening and slow pace gain! Although I'd be lying if I didn't say B's sudden blimping isnt hot as hell either!
  4. These are my all time fav pics of A that you've posted would be awesome to see more of her or hear more stories about A !
  5. Muted Decor

    Female wrestlers

    Perfect arm placement to hide her belly in shame lol
  6. Body positivity claims another victim
  7. Honestly I'd be asking for her to try em on anyways just for the entertainment! You're a lucky dude !
  8. I think she's looking massive and gorgeous! Id be surprised if she had a single pair of jeans that still buttoned at this point
  9. A bit random question but how do you feel about belly rubs? Especially after a nice stuffing ?
  10. Ooo when did you post that last one of her sitting down I don’t remember it for some reason . She’s so damn plump now
    What an insanely hot video, seeing how much you've outgrown not only your jeans but some of your tops was amazing! Clearly whatever you've been eating has worked out and hopefully we'll get to see more wonderful growth in the future!
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