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  1. Gotta let the gut be free and expand for the next meal !
  2. I'm wondering if this was filmed while she was pregnant because she's not nearly as fat now as here?
  3. Does anyone know what happened to her instagram page? She was steadily plumping up this last year but now it is completely gone.
  4. Seems this vid is from late September. So either she's actually lost some weight since then, or she shops the hell out of all her photos and videos to make herself seem thinner than she is. Or she just sucks her gut in when she does any content lol
    10/10 Video showing off Miss September's impressive gains! Although the belly is the main focus of this video, the butt shots are extremely tantalizing and show off that it's not only the gut that's been growing recently! A sequel to this in some time, showing off how these jeans fit now would be absolutely perfect! Excellent video !
  5. We gotta turn this belly into a gut 😈 although you've got quite the head start on that !
  6. That muffin top in those jeans so good 🥵🥵🥵
  7. A nice well fed gut 🥵 hopefully you saved some food for me , gotta play catch-up somehow
    Absolutely hot as hell sequel to the first outgrown jeans video. This one truly shows off how much gains you've gotten towards your ass, as it prevents nearly all these jeans from having a shot at fitting at all. And if your ass wasn't the issue, the ever growing gut you had certainly made sure none of these jeans were gonna be a good fit. A must buy for those that love seeing tight jeans vids!
    Absolutely hot video! The outfit you picked showed off your ever expanding curves so well!! And the shots of your backside were so wonderful!
  8. Your mutual clips are so good! You're gonna slowly expand your audience if you aren't too careful 😂😏Can't wait to see this one!
  9. Crazy to imagine your belly has finally surpassed your ass. A true testament to what a pig you've become
  10. Another clothes try-on video would be awesome to see! Definitely a jeans try on specifically but thanks for all the content you put out!

  11. Muted Decor


    26 pages of nothing. She’s barely put on weight, she’s barely got any curves. I’ll never understand the obsession and spell she has some of you all under...
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