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  1. Your tummy shape is absolutely divine!! You look to have such a soft squishy belly!
    one of the hottest stuffing vids on the site!! Seeing you demolish that entire pizza was great and how bloated your belly ends up is just a treat!!! Must watch :D!
  2. Not sure what she’s trying to imply but maybe she didn’t lose weight on purpose ?
  3. You're growing quite the glorious gut there 😍
    Hot HOT vid with some excellent burps (also super hot ass tats )
  4. this hilarious lmao. Maybe if you kept at least semi active people would have stuck around
  5. Muted Decor

    Female wrestlers

    I think this was around the same time and she’s clearly exploding out of her ring attire
    If Irina keeps up these stuffings, she'll be getting fatter in no time flat. Really excellent shots of Irina's fat gut in this one!
    Incredible video!!! Each of the dresses looked absolutely delicious on you and you filled out each perfectly (although maybe you filled your bra out a little too well ) The absolute girth of your ass engulfing the chair was stunning as well!
  6. Content dry as a bone on her chatabox recently too.
  7. She knows she’s getting heftier I’m sure but does she mind you enjoying her curves now as well?
  8. Your love handles look SOO good here just so grabbable !
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