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  1. Honestly I think i'd be ok with it. I'm sorta getting to the point where on an intellectual level I've accepted the possibility of even not dating. Sure as a society we value relationships and there's the sexual component but when I think of the responsbilities and costs of a relationship vs the benefits it doesnt seem worth it espesh since I could just get sexual gratification from porn
  2. Glad you liked the post! Maybe I should have phrased that so its not as absolute but there's alot of recent research showing that the only really effective way to have long term weight loss is through surgery. HEre's an article. It's not the best article I could find on it since it doesn't offer much in terms of biological or psychological explanation of why weight loss fails and the statistics of weight loss failure (over 90% of people who lose weight gain it back or more in 5 years). But more or less our bodies are designed to radically reduce our metabolism when we start losing any weight and also are extremely efficient in processing calories and making sure we dont lose them. For example there was a study of african hunter-gather tribesmen who kill all their pray and do nothing but physical activity all day and they found that they burn as many calories per day as... the average office worker. This is because the human body is pretty good at conserving calories during downtimes between strenuous physical activity and the more physical activity you do the better your body is at preserving calories between activity. Not only that but working out is a very inefficient way to lose calories. Furthermore beyond your body's ability to reduce its metabolism radically when experiencing weight loss and its ability to make rest periods less calorie intensive you also have a semi-permanent "baseline" weight which your body will always tend to reset for when you lose weight and the interesting thing is that diets slow down metabolism for a long time....so its likely after a failed diet (which the diet will fail by the way, their are ivy league schools that have a greater chance of accepting you statistically than you have a chance of having long term success at a diet) because your body is resetting itself but your metabolism has slowed long term you'll most likely settle on a higher weight. Hence why people end up failing their diets and being fatter for it after they lost all that weight. Just look up the biggest loser and see how many of those people gained back at least half of the weight. Anywhere here's the article though like i said this isn't really the best article about it https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/obesity-research-confirms-long-term-weight-loss-almost-impossible-1.2663585
  3. yea that really is the only real solution I can see. Either that ore maybe the closest thing I can see as a halfway house solution is to offer a subscription tier (cheap though like 3 dollars a month) on ** which filters out models and donation seekers and perhaps offers them a share of the money as compensation for the loss in audience. (similar to how youtube red compensates content creators for adless videos by offering them a share of the youtube red pot)
  4. Yea I definitely think the issue is in part with the structure of our specific form of capitalism. There's a real market for para-social relationships and vicariously enjoying friendships and romance through the spectacle of a content creator on the other end of a screen. Of course at the end of the day it's just a symptom of declining opportunities but I do feel that as relationships and social interaction become more and more commodified then the social mores that governed our society will increasingly change to normalize the commodification of love, romance and friendship and as a result will push out or privatize the good old fashion idea of friendship and romance for its own sake and will deprive people of the ability to form meaningful relationship unless they fall within a certain income bracket
  5. So let me start by saying by no means do I object to the fact that models sell their photos and videos; obviously if they choose to then that's fine and no one is under any obligation to give any content for free. And as a further clarification I think think the response to what I am saying would be some form of restriction on new models of stigma against models. I don't think this is a problem with a "solution" I just wanted to put my thoughts out there. So when I first started lurking and getting into feederism many years ago (eight years perhaps?) there were plenty of new posters who were either partners of feeders or just interested in the lifestyle. Of course many of these amateur feedees would start selling content after a few years or so if they got enough of a following here which is understandable. But I've started to notice that amateurs these days seem to be getting into modeling almost immediately as soon as they post and it seems like plenty of people who came here with the "my boyfriend got me into it/I always wanted to try it" did it with an interest in the money. Which is fine we all need money and jobs suck. I'm considering quitting mine because staring at a computer for 40 hours a week gives me migraines that prevent me from enjoying my life outside of my job. Of course what's more likely is that most of the people who post here who do that do have a geniune interest in feederism but why not get paid for what you are passionate about? Food does cost money and there are healthcare costs associated with feederism that need to be paid so I understand it. And the woman here are changing their bodies for the sexual gratification of people here and often these changes are permanent. We pretend that people can lose weight any time but realistically anyone who used to be a rail won't go back to being a rail after they've crossed a threshold of 50 pounds so it is a serious decision not to be made lightly And I don't even really mind that part so much. I'm more noting that as a part of a broader phenomena that's leading into my point. It seems that more and more this community has become a way for people to start a side hustle and that "the community" has become more about an orbit of people who revolve around an economy of online feedees and the people willing to pay remotely for them than a dating scene. And this is really most heavily felt on **. Of course curvage (at least this site I know there are a couple dating spin offs of curvage) was never a viable way to find a romantic partner. We all know that the dating'/personal section is dead. That's fine of course, some websites simply don't have the culture and infrastructure to fulfill that role But it seems that almost everyone who is interested in being a feedee on ** has a cashapp or a paypal. If not in their bio then ready at hand if you message them. And there's nothing wrong with that in an indivdual level. People can try to make money the way they want to but with the shear amount of them I doubt anyone is making real money off of it. My issue with it is the fact that it really seems to be killing ** as a dating website. Almost everywhere on it it's hard to distinguish people genuinely looking for a date from people who just want to make money off of a side hustle. Most recently I had been coresponding with someone who agreed to meet up on a date. We had to reschedule a few times as is inevitable with online dating but we finally agreed on a Saturday. She wanted to go clubbing into the night and that's not really my thing since I work 40 hours and go to grad school so I don't really want to be out of the house after 10 unless I really know you well but I was willing to compromise since that's what dating is all about. But the day of there was really bad rain and the governor declared a state of emergency so I texted her that I didnt feel safe driving and that we should reschedule. She seemed like she was a bit offended at it and I kinda understand that; but honestly I just chalk that up to the fact that I was supposed to be her ride since she didnt have a car and since she doesn't own a car and has a work schedule far different than mine (she's a service industry worker) I just don't think she understood how difficult it would have been to make the commute at night in the pouring rain, go clubing, and then presumably drive back home at 1 or 2 in the morning at the earliest (probably later since she wanted to start the date at 10) while I would have felt dead from both staying up way past my usual bed time and from clubbing. So I tell her I can't come and I text her that we could video chat the next day to make up for the lost date and she says fine. I thought that was the best I could do since in my experience of online dating I've used video chatting in lieu of a cancelled first date since its a nice way to say hi before you meet someone for you next date and its establishing that you havent blown someone off. The next day when I text her about what time would be best for a video chat she simply texts me her cashapp account. When I clarify that I just want to have a conversation in lieu of the date that was pushed off and that I'm not asking for anything lude nor am I setting up the expectations for anything other than just a conversation she doesn't respond. and to clarify before I make my final point I dont think this makes her a bad person. I just think it makes her someone whose life priorities are vastly different than mine. It's just the issue seems to be that feedee/feeder dating scene seems to be attracting more and more people with these sorts of priorities and less and less people who are actually into you know, dating someone. Paying for food is fine. I'll even accept that in a feederist relationship the feeder should pay for the lion's share if not all the food involved in the relationship. But there's a difference between that very reasonable expectation and making some one pay you as a condition to inquire about a "date" (which to clarify she didn't do but plenty of people do). The people on ** are looking to make a career modeling, caming and maybe findoming or at the very least are looking for a sugar daddy. Which of course there's nothing wrong with but honestly, until the culture changes or until there's a new dating site exclusively for dating which moderates itself so that its not just aspiring models (nothing wrong with those folks, I just want to you know, go on a date, is all) I think i've given up on trying to find a feedee through the scene for good.
  6. Spectre


    I used to be a huge strategy gamer into paradox games. These days I still play ck2 sometimes but that's it. Now im getting back into rimworld thanks to the new update and I play fortnite every once in a blue moon but asides from that i dont really play much. Kinda thinking of getting into some indie rpgs though
  7. She hasn't updated in a while it seems im curious whatt happened?
  8. tbh i'd be all for banning candids from the site
  9. I wont lie I do find this sorta endearing in a person
  10. I hope you have luck, and I'm in New Jersey so you can always hit me up.
  11. Heyyo there! I'm just a guy looking to maybe meet some good people around the tri state area. Right now I live in Newark and go to Rutgers University. I'm studying public administration and I work as a computer lab consultant but I might get a job as a tutor soon! Well I'm not particularly sure what to say in these things but if you want to know more feel free to ask! If you want a face picture to see who you are talking to feel free to message me asking one
  12. Imperialism is not a game of football, you don't have to choose a side. In almost every case when great imperialist powers collide the best side to choose is neither. Might be hard to stomach but really I don't see how useful this exchange of poorly cited propaganda on both sides is. It's highly doubtful that the Ukrainian side after the recent election (although perhaps more plausible before the election) is a fascist dictatorship bent on ethnically cleansing the Russian population. Likewise I hold any claim that the separatists are some sort of glorious heroes of liberation with a grain of salt when a fair amount of their founders are politically descended from Eurasianist crowd and whose government has flirted with restricting homosexuality. The only thing that merits support is peace. My deepest sympathies go to the innocent working people caught between the war such as the trade unionists at Odessa who were slaughtered en masse amongst others who are victims of this horrible war.
  13. Well most of the bars in newark don't card and the fish is cheap there if that helps.
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