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    Simply put ... a truly gorgeous, chubby girl playing on the rocks at the beach!! It's another great video. Your chubbiness is easy to notice in this "frolic," when compared with the last one. Your whole body is softer and rounder, including your face, your breasts, your belly, your back, your butt, your legs, etc. This video was simple, but sexy, and I heard what sounded like aircraft overhead, saw a few people in the distance, and wondered what people were thinking when they saw you playing out there. Thanks for another fun one!!😃🥰
    Great video of your thighs and legs, and nice angle on your jiggly belly. Might be nice to hear some sound, and perhaps even a view of you from a bit more distance, so as to see you in your natural habitat, so to speak (perhaps full body angle ... you could wear a mask of sorts if you feel uncomfortable with full body). But really nice video of you out in the world. It looks very rural there, and so you have a "country girl" kind of situation going on. Thanks! I enjoyed it.😃😊
    Never been into "bondage" really, but this video was surprisingly seductive. 😉
    I loved it!! You don’t need to try hard to seduce me. You’ve already won me over!! I adore your curvy body, and you put it on display for us here.😃 The oiling of your tummy, the exposure of your great legs, and your bouncy breasts under that shirt — it’s all wonderful!!!❤️❤️ I think you look great at the weight you are now, and you will look great if you gain more. I would simply love to hug and cuddle you, and feed you as much as you want. You are just great (and it doesn’t matter that you’re not “Shakira”😉 … I like you for you!). Thanks for another fun video!
  1. Delightful little belly getting exposure!! 😃❤️
  2. I know your thighs are fabulous, but your belly & breasts in this picture are so seductive that I couldn’t keep my hands off!! I think it wouldn’t take more than a single finger to lift that top and expose the treats underneath!! So chonky-sexy!!!😃❤️❤️
  3. Well, you do have a delightful tummy!!! I’m sure it will be perfect!!😃
  4. There’s nothing wrong with you losing weight … just try to stay a bit plump!😃💕
    This video is so hot that I would give it double the available stars, if I could. When you first began the video, as you were describing your meals, I was wishing I had been there to see you eating in person. You make eating look like SO MUCH pleasure, and so sensual... and then you showed your belly, and I thought, "Oh my, she really and truly looks pregnant!" Your growth is showing on your belly, on your back (rolls from under your breasts and running around to your back), and now you forearms are showing growth. Your upper arms had already been getting bigger, but now your forearms are thicker too (not excessively so, but apparent to those who have been watching your for a while). Your breasts are gradually growing too, and your bra and panties seem almost overwhelmed. The hint at the end that, if you pants didn't fit, you would have to go ashore "naked" was so titillating. You can't resist the food, and your fans can't resist watching the developing results of your lack of control, so what I have to say is: "Just keep on losing control!!" Whether it is the taste, or the texture, or the type of food, I just adore hearing about your love of certain foods, and watching you enjoy them, and seeing the results!! You are WONDERFUL in so many ways!!! I will be watching ... 😀🥰😘
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