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  1. I'd love to get other BBW to post there favorite" Tie" pics... Straight tie, bow tie, clip tie....ladies can McGyver a tie . Like to get feedback on how it makes ya feel. In control? Being controlled? Outta control?
  2. I believe your choice in background and profile pic are proof of those traits and some! The tie is very naughty n one of my favorite pieces to wear!
  3. Deff a sense of humor....I prefer compassionate. Not necessarily empathetic but has a sense of self . Naughty needs to be in there as well
  4. Sexiness is Impowering....What makes you feel Sexy?large.IMG_20220101_152452.jpg.70eff001a0a636abd07e39ad59da0c57.jpg

    1. DoubleDenise


      Welcome!! Your hair is amazing 🤩 

      I feel sexy when my hair is flowing, and my body feels good! 

    2. JustPeachy


      Thank you!




    3. Dirk690


      You are very beautiful keep the pictures coming!

  5. JustPeachy

    Love Yourself

    Some of my selfies
  6. Positive Vibes given and taken, I am new to this and curious to know what peaks interest out there!
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