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  1. The Second Pic. Personally i don't like long Nails. And theese are way too long!
  2. You're right, she is very soft and i love it. 🥰
  3. Sumo wrestlers are not only fat. They have many muscles under their fat.
  4. eumeb

    Beth Ditto

    Looking better than ever.
  5. Her Height is 168 centimeter = 5' 6" Her Weight is 153 kilogram = 337 lbs I really like her hips and belly very much and can't keep my hands off. 😉 Even when she was smaller, her hips always have been her thickest bodypart.
  6. eumeb

    Female wrestlers

    She looks so much better without the horror-crap.
  7. eumeb

    Erica Lauren

    I think it is only because the Quality of the Material gets worse all the Time.
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