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  1. eumeb

    German Celebrities

    I now know her 1st Name is Nina.
  2. eumeb

    Mayara Russi

    OMG, you have a magic crystal ball?! 😮
  3. How long does it take, untill she lets lift the fat out of her face? I read, that she thinks of an Ass-OP.
  4. Translation: How does it sound? Stop to discribe other People's Bodies as the worst state ever. Especially in Front of thicker Friends. No, don't worry, you are looking great!!
  5. eumeb

    German Celebrities

    I'm not sure. LIke you can see on the last Pic, there are 2 Women. And they have 2 more in the Team, as far as i know. But this Channel is relative famous here in Germany.
  6. eumeb

    German Celebrities

    From the YT-Channel "Sturmwaffel".
  7. She was into Fitness all the Time. She is a Fitness Instructor, not a Feedee.
  8. eumeb

    Female wrestlers

    I see nothing! Where are the Pics?
  9. eumeb

    German Celebrities

    Würde ich normalerweise liken, aber die Bezeichnung gefällt mir nicht, sorry.
  10. But i hate her new Hairstyle.
  11. eumeb

    German Celebrities

    Deu: Sieht auf dem unteren Bild ein bisschen aus wie Fran Drescher, oder!? Eng: Looks a little bit like Fran Drescher, or not!?
  12. eumeb

    German Celebrities

    Petra Kleinert has a Thread? Really? Okay...then i'm sorry. i didn't knew that. I wanted to fill/start this Thread. I think she already has her own thread!
  13. eumeb

    German Celebrities

    Sarah Kälberer
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