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  1. Happy Hump Day!!!! 😘


    1. Guest


      Viewing this pic sure does make my day "HAPPY"!😊

    2. The Body Positive Goddess

      The Body Positive Goddess

      I'm glad it does! Have a great day!

    3. Guest


      You too!!🥰

    4. drpop


      You look as beautiful as ever and you look great. Thanks and take care.

    5. The Body Positive Goddess

      The Body Positive Goddess

      Thank you so much dear!

  2. Thank you so much for your help! Have a great day!
  3. Hiii! I hope all is well! Ive been trying to post content on my page and in the community for the past two weeks. However, i am unable to. The message "Status updates, required wait between updates" keeps showing up but I haven't been able to post anything for the past two weeks. I really miss being active on the site. Can anyone help me please?
  4. You look amazing! Where did you purchase the fit queen?
  5. Heeeyyy yall heeyy!!!! What are we up to??FB_IMG_1615913708991.thumb.jpg.71b03310f049c81e00a690dbeed33515.jpg

  6. Happy Sunday!!!!


    1. The Body Positive Goddess

      The Body Positive Goddess

      Thanks for the love!!

    2. Guest


      This is breathtaking!!🥰

  7. 🚨WARNING 🚨

    YOU MIGHT FALL IN LOVE WITH ME🥰1039806792_Screenshot_20210220-233807_Photos2.thumb.jpg.c4a95e4efe99cdd1e58f2082d61411d5.jpg

    1. Guest


      Your warning came too late!😍 You have some great pics on here, and I think my favorite is one from February 12 that shows your beautiful size and your marvelous smile... you are just radiant and sexy! 

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