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  1. Lots of jiggling in this tik tok https://m.tiktok.com/v/6957802539416849670
  2. First off, I’m sorry it’s been a long time since I posted about my friend but I think all of you will enjoy my little story here. I visited my friend several months ago, before the pandemic. When she opened the door for, despite the fact she was wearing baggy clothes, I could tell she was bigger than ever. Her belly and her hips were clearly bigger and rounder than I remember. We hugged, and I could tell she was thicker and softer than the last time I saw her. We talked a little bit that night and did some catching up. Then we decided to go out and watch a movie. I grabbed her coat for her, and I noticed it was a size XL. The last time I saw her, she was still squeezing herself in size L clothing even though it was obviously tight on her. It appears she became too fat to fit in those clothes anymore and finally upsized. The next morning was when things got really interesting. Normally I have to initiate or steer the conversation in order to get her to talk about her weight. This time, she just brought up the subject without any help from me. “I think I’ve finally stopped gaining weight,” she said out of the blue. “For a while there I was steadily getting fatter and fatter but my weight has remained consistent for the past few months.” “That’s good,” I said, lying. “Yeah, kind of, but I’m really fat now. I haven’t lost any weight since my weight leveled off. Not that I’ve been trying at all,” she said that last part with a laugh. “I’ve been eating the same as I’ve always have. But at least I’ve stopped gaining, which means maybe I can start losing weight. Which is good, because this is getting ridiculous.” As she said that last sentence, she placed her hand on her belly and rubbed it a little, showing off how big and soft it had become. “How’s it ridiculous?” I asked. “I’m just so heavy and out of shape now that I can’t even run. Even when I started gaining, I would go jogging. It was a slow jog but I was still jogging. But now I can’t even do that, I get out of breath really quickly. And I don’t have the energy I used to. I can’t exert myself like I used to. Hell, I even hate stairs these days because I can feel legs burning as they carry my fat self up.” Again, she smiled during that last part. Later, as we were driving to the park for a walk, I saw she was wearing jeans. The last time I visited her, her jeans were really tight and accentuating her muffin top. She normally wore something like leggings, and if she did wear jeans, she would complain that “they don’t make jeans for women with my build.” Which was a lie, she just didn’t want to admit she had gained more weight. The button on her jeans back then looked like it was ready to pop, and when we returned from going out, she immediately took off her jeans and put on sweatpants. It was obvious she had upsized her jeans since then, because the ones she was wearing now actually fit. I decided to see if I could get her to talk about it. “I’m surprised you’re wearing jeans,” I said. “The last time you went on a walk in jeans you said it was uncomfortable.” “Yeah, I shouldn’t have kept wearing those jeans, they didn’t really fit. I was in denial back then. I finally accepted I have gotten even fatter and bought bigger jeans. These actually fit pretty comfortably.” “Ah ok,” was all I said. “Yeah, back then, for a while I was already 50 pounds heavier than I was in school. I didn’t want to admit I was gaining even more. I didn’t want to admit I’d have to lose more weight to get back to my high school size.” “I understand.” “And I thought ‘maybe if I keep these tight clothes, it’ll push me to diet and exercise and lose weight.’ But that never happened. I kept eating and getting fatter and it finally got to the point I couldn’t ignore it anymore, all my clothes were getting too tight. So I finally accepted I had gotten fatter and bought new, bigger clothes. I can actually eat while wearing these jeans,” she laughed before continuing. “I continued to gain a little weight after getting new clothes, but everything stills fits and as I said earlier, my weight has stayed the same the past few months. So hopefully that means I can start losing weight - I’ll just have to lose more weight than I originally wanted too.” I knew she gets kind of sensitive if you ask her how much she weighs, so instead I asked “how much weight do you want to lose?” “Like 80 pounds,” she replied. I stopped and thought for a minute. I remember that she weighed 150 pounds in school. If she still wants to get back to her high school weight, that means she currently weighs 230 pounds. At 5’6” tall. I knew she had gained a lot of weight but the number still shocked me a little. “You don’t look like you have 80 pounds to lose,” I said, and I was actually being kind of honest. “Thanks,” she said with a smile. Then she started laughing. “But the scale doesn’t lie, I’ve gained a lot of weight. And even worse, I’m not as strong as I used to be, which means I’ve lost muscle mass and replaced it with even more fat. I used to be kind of muscular with a layer of chub all over my body. Now my body is like 100% chub.” She was still giggling a little as she said this. It does appear that she is not nearly as sensitive about her weight as she used to be. “I don’t believe that,” I said. “You still look pretty dang strong to me.” “So I’m not some weak skinny girl who needs other people to open jars for me, but I’m nowhere near as strong as I used to be. Like, I used to have biceps back in high school, and now my arms are bigger than ever, but it’s all fat.” “I understand.” “So yeah, I have a lot of weight to lose. If I stopped eating so much salty foods, I may be able to lose some of this weight kind of quickly. But I love salt and I love food and that’s why I’m fat,” she said while giggling. Later that day, we were in a mall, and we somehow started talking about weddings and dresses. She started laughing as she said “my mom got married in the same dress my grandma was married in. If I ever get married, I think my mom and grandma want me to do the same. But there’s no way that’s going to happen. They’re both shorter and they were thin back then, and I’m taller and fat.” She put emphasis on the word “fat” and was still laughing. “You’re not fat,” is all I said. She laughed was about to say something back, but then she saw a store she wanted to visit and that was the end of the conversation. So that’s it, not only is she bigger than ever, but she seems much less sensitive about her weight. She’s willing to talk and even make jokes about it. This was all before the pandemic, and I haven’t seen her since. Hopefully we see each other again soon, I’ve been trying to get her to come visit me. I’m wondering if she had gained even more weight during the pandemic. I highly doubt she’s lost weight, I text her regularly and it sounds like she hasn’t really changed her lifestyle.
  3. I think the most important thing for you is to learn how not to give a crap about the opinions of others. If eating whatever you want makes you happy, then do it. If you were happy and stress-free about your body back then, try to get back in that mindset. Don’t stop what makes you happy just because someone else is critical of your weight. It might be hard because this is a very fat-phobic country and unfortunately others will judge you by your size. And every second of every day, we are bombarded with photoshopped images of models and weight-loss ads. But there is plenty of body positivity on the Internet now too. I suggest going to a place like Instagram and following some plus-size or body-positive models. It might really boost your self-esteem to read posts from other women who have experienced what your experiencing now, and how they learned to embraced their bodies. The positivity you get from them could help you ignore the negativity you get from people like your mom. And I definitely think it’s possible to maintain a “happy medium.” For example, one of my best friends is 5’6” tall and used to weigh 150 pounds, but now weighs about 215-220 pounds. She likes doing a light yoga, and it’s really the only exercise she gets on a regular basis. It helps increase flexibility, balance, and muscle strength - but it’s not enough of a workout to burn a lot of calories. This friend and I go hiking whenever we see each other, and her yoga seems to keep her in good enough shape to keep up the pace. But obviously she is still quite chubby. She struggles when going up hill, but she is able to walk up a flight of stairs with no real problem. So maybe some light/beginner yoga will be a good workout for you to try. Maybe it will help you find that balance of eating whatever you like and loving your body.
  4. I got to briefly see my friend again the other day. Even though we didn’t get to have any good weight discussions, there were still a few exciting moments. A few weeks ago, she mentioned that she was going on the “military diet,” but then 2 days later she gave it up because of all the stress in her life right now. I’m glad to say when I saw her just a few days ago, she looked bigger than ever. When I first saw her, she was wearing a gray fleece coat and blue jeans. We went grocery shopping, and I noticed her jeans looked tighter than ever, stretched around her large hips, thick thighs, and wide, round butt. What grabbed my attention more was how her coat fit. First of all, I’ve never seen that coat before, it looked new. Also, in previous winters, coats and sweaters were normally baggy enough to hide her muffin top, allowing her to look a little thinner. But not anymore. It seems with all the weight she’s been gaining, that her belly and love handles have simply become too big to hide. The coat was a little snug around her middle, revealing how her large love handles and gut were spilling over the waistline of her tight jeans. Later, I would check the size of her new coat, and it was a women’s XL. I smiled, thinking that even XL coats couldn’t hide how plump she was now. When we returned to her apartment, she took off her coat. I recognized the button-up flannel shirt she was wearing, but it had never looked so tight! It was very easy to tell that her belly had become much bigger. Again, this shirt had previously been able to hide her muffin top. But now, it was stretched so tight around her gut, that the two buttons near her belly were strained and digging into her belly fat slightly. As she wiggled her way out of her coat, her belly jiggled nicely. She was wearing a stretchy, sleeveless black exercise shirt underneath, so she then proceeded to take off her button-up shirt. The two strained buttons around her gut were a bit more of a struggle to unbutton than the others, but once undone, her belly seemed excited to expand to its full size. Her black shirt was also quite snug, and it really showed off how big she has gotten. She left her flannel shirt on the chair in the living room, and I was able to check and see that it was only a women’s large. No wonder it was so tight. Then she went into the bedroom and changed into black sweatpants. She started making dinner, and it was simply nice to watch her plump body as she walked around the kitchen. When she turned to the side, it was now undeniable that her belly stuck out further than her boobs. This is partially because she’s only a b-cup, but it was still a huge indicator of the amount of weight she’s gained since high school. At one point, we were teasing each other, and we started playfully fighting and wrestling. I would softly tap her on her big, flabby upper arms or her midsection, and it was so incredibly soft. The fat would also jiggle and ripple a little. If I tapped one of her love handles, sometimes the fat would shake across her gut. Then, as we wrestled, I would wrap my arms around her middle, and I could really feel just how plump and soft she has become. While she never had a flat, toned stomach, when I first met her she was thin enough that you could feel her ribs or abs if you poked her stomach. But now, she has a full Buddha belly, and it’s impossible to feel anything but fat when you hug or poke her. The next day, she wore jeans and a baggy, grey, shirt-sleeve athletic shirt as we went out to brunch. Even though the shirt was baggy, it failed to hide her size. We talked and caught up, and she started talking about going to the chiropractor. The most exciting thing she said was “I need the chiropractor to pop the middle of my back sometimes. I have a lot of stress there because I carry so much weight in my middle.” As I was getting ready to leave, she gave me a hiking vest. She said that someone had given it to her, but it didn’t fit and she “couldn’t zip it up.” I took it and checked the size of it - a women’s medium. Yeah, there was no way she was going to fit into that. I said “thanks, but don’t you want it for when you lose weight?” “Nah,” she said. “I just want to get rid of it, and you’re the only person I know that it would fit. Everyone else I know is either too tall or too...rotund.” She laughed as she said that last part. I laughed too. Then, I asked “So are you still dieting?” “I watch my portions during the week, but during the weekends I allow myself to cheat,” she replied. So, I don’t think she’s going to lose any weight anytime soon, especially with the winter and holiday season upon us. After I left, I know she went to a friend’s place to bake cookies, and she took a bottle of wine with her. Again, I can’t imagine her losing any weight with that kind of diet.
  5. She recently posted some good pics to Instagram, and the caption on the last one is particularly sexy.
  6. Recent pic from Instagram - look at that belly!
  7. I visited my friend not too long ago, and this weekend turned out to be pretty exciting. This may be my longest post yet. When I first arrived, she was wearing a baggy outfit that consisted of a big unisex t-shirt and athletic shorts, but that wasn’t enough to hide the fact that she had not lost any weight since last I saw her. When she sat in her rocking chair, she had a thick roll of belly fat resting on her lap, and her butt, hips, and thighs filled the seat from armrest to armrest. Later that evening, she had developed hiccups and decided to show off this strange habit she has to get rid of them. She lied on her back on the floor with her knees bent, like she was about to do a sit-up. In this position, her belly fat was pressed up against her thighs again. Even while lying down, her gut stuck out further than her boobs. Then she placed her hands on her soft, round belly and started rubbing as she breathed in and out. I watched her belly rise a couple times. Then, when her hiccups were gone, she started bending up - as if she was about to do a crunch - which really squeezed her belly fat against her thighs. But she stopped only part way up, lied down on her back again, and then rolled over onto her stomach before standing up slowly. I couldn’t help but think that she originally intended to get up from her back until her belly stopped her. The next day was extremely exciting. First off, I was helping her with some laundry. The first thing I noticed was that she had more XL/size 14 tops than I remember from before. Then, I noticed she was throwing some scrub pants towards the back of her closet, and that she had brand new ones (with the tags still on them and everything) lying on her dresser. I grabbed a pair of old scrub pants and saw they were a size Large. Then, I sneaked a look at the brand new ones, and they were a size XL. I was excited to see she was outgrowing her scrubs. When she got dressed for the day, she was not wearing jeans as she normally does. Instead, she was wearing these tight, stretchy black running pants - and much like yoga pants - they left nothing to the imagination. In fact, in the proper lighting, you could make out her panties. Again, I could not help but think she had outgrown her jeans and was now wearing something stretchier. She also wore a tight, stretchy workout purple sleeveless top, with a gray short-sleeve workout top over it. This helped “smooth out” her upper body, but it still showed off how thick she was now. After picking up her roommate from college, a blonde woman who has also gained weight and probably weighs about 180 pounds, we went to this treetop adventure place. It’s like an obstacle course where they put you in a harness and then you go through rope bridges and zip lines up in the trees. As we were getting prepared for the treetop adventure, something happened that would bother my friend for the rest of the weekend. We were putting our harnesses on, which had a waist loop and two leg loops. Then you were supposed to hold them up with your hands as the instructor adjusted and tightened them. But my friend didn’t really have to hold the harness up - her hips, belly, and thighs filled them out and it could not be tightened anymore. The instructor came over, and she looked over my friend’s body, and decided she needed a bigger harness. She left and came back with a bigger harness that also had shoulder straps. She said something along the lines of “we don’t have many of these, so we try not to give them out.” The waist loop and legs loops were bigger on this one, and my friend was able to pull them up much easier, and the instructor adjusted it. At first, my friend didn’t say anything, but her face showed she was clearly upset and embarrassed at what just happened. Her college friend teased her by saying “oh look, you’re special.” But my friend just responded “yeah, I guess.” Later in the course, we were waiting in line, and my friend was adjusting the straps around her plump body when she said “I hate these shoulder straps.” “They don’t look comfortable,” the college friend said. “Yeah, I do not understand why she [the instructor] gave me this one. The first one fit fine. There was no way that waist strap was going to slip down over these hips, you know what I’m saying.” “Definitely,” and all three of us laughed a little. “Seriously though,” my friend continued, “these shoulder straps are useless. The first harness fit good, it felt snug. This is just...ugh.” “Yeah, I don’t know what the instructor was thinking,” the college friend said. My friend would bring up this subject multiple times throughout the day - and it basically resulted in the same conversation each time. Getting a bigger harness definitely bothered her, I think she felt slightly insulted. Watching her on the obstacle course was a pleasure. Her size and weight definitely made some of the obstacles more difficult for her. She had a particularly hard time with the cargo rope nets, especially when she had to climb straight up. She was real slow and seemed to be struggling to lift her 200+ pound body. Other parts of the course were split into 2 paths, an “easy” and “hard” path, and she always took the easy one, saying “I simply don’t have the arm strength for the hard path.” Other obstacles required taking really long steps, and whenever she came down on one foot hard, her entire thigh, hip, and butt cheek would jiggle. Her pants would really stretch when performing this, further accentuating how thick and soft she was now. There were also zip lines that went from the trees to the ground, with mulch at the bottom to cushion you. When she did this, she would always slide in on her butt, getting mulch all over it. Then she would try to wipe it all off, and again, this caused her butt, hips, and thighs to jiggle. While we were waiting in line one time, the two women started talking about how much they were enjoying this, and that they’d want to do it again sometime. My friend turned to her old roommate and said “but first, we should lose some weight.” “Oh definitely,” the roommate agreed. What made this conversation even better was that the group in front of us were all thin, athletic women. Normally, I’d think bigger women wouldn’t want to talk about their weight while in the company of thin women, but these two were comfortable enough with their weight to continue talking. The roommate continued “it would make some of these obstacles so much easier.” “Oh yeah, I don’t trust my arm strength enough to do the more extreme obstacles, so that’s why I’ve been doing the easier ones.” “Me too. I’ve been trying to lose weight. What happens is that I follow a good diet plan for a while, and I lose a few pounds. But then some major thing comes along that stresses me out and then I stress eat. Then I’m like ‘well, I gained back all the weight I lost.’” “I see. At least you’re losing weight here and there before gaining some. My weight just keeps slowly creeping up on me. I’ve started reducing my portion sizes, now I just need to find the time to workout,” my friend said as she laughed. “Yeah, I don’t have the time either.” And right after the treetop adventure, they both insisted on getting burgers and milkshakes. Before entering the restaurant, my friend had taken off the grey outer shirt, leaving on only her purple shirt that really showed off her plump figure. Now you could clearly see her muffin top and belly and how they jiggled as she walked. Again, as she sat in the booth, her thighs spread immensely and her belly fat was resting on her lap. Just a little while ago, these girls were talking about losing weight, and now they were excited over big, bacon cheeseburgers with more bacon ground into the beef. And they each got a milkshake too. They both finished their meals, but they were stuffed. This meal was a late lunch, and my friend said that “this is the last thing I’m eating today.” After lunch, we went on a short walk and just like before, my friend struggled going up hill. She was going very slow and breathing heavily. We came to a split in the road, and the roommate said “let’s go right.” “Hold on,” my friend said between breaths, “let’s stop and figure out where we are.” It certainly sounded like she was just trying to find an excuse to stop and rest for a bit. Later, my friend and I went to a small party. And despite what she said after lunch, she had some chicken strips. Then the next day was almost as good. She wore an outfit very similar to the day before, with tight, stretchy navy blue running pants, and a tight, stretchy black sleeveless shirt. Again, this really showed her figure and left nothing to the imagination. Her hips, butt, and thighs filled out every inch of those pants, and you could easily see how her thunder thighs and butt jiggled as she walked. You could also hear her thighs rubbing together with every step. Her belly and love handles spilled over the waistline, and her tight shirt further emphasized her muffin top. When she turned sideways, I could see again that her gut stuck out further than her boobs. And with her arms fully exposed, it really just how soft and flabby they had become. I couldn’t help but think of how fit she used to be. When I first met her, she was a dedicated volleyball player, with an athletic, strong physique. She was thicker than most of the other players on her team, but not much. Her stomach used to be mostly flat, and her arms were actually slightly toned. She would brag how during volleyball practice, she could do 100 crunches. Looking at her now, one would never guess she was any sort of athlete. There’s no muscular definition to her at all anymore - everything that was once firm and toned is now soft and doughy. Her once flat stomach is now a large gut, and her arms are thick and incredibly flabby. We went shopping at a mall for a while, and it was nice just watching her walk around for a bit. Walking on a hard concrete surface seemed to further emphasize her thighs and booty jiggling. Then later, we were driving around in the car, and she started talking about her weight. I forget what led to this first comment, but it had something to do with pranking people by pulling down their pants. Anyway, she started laughing and said something like “back when I was really skinny, I could pull down my pants while they were still buttoned. I definitely don’t have to worry about that now.” “No you don’t,” I agreed. “Nothing is going to slide down over these hips, especially that harness yesterday.” I smiled a little, as I could tell she was still upset over the instructor giving her a different, larger harness. I knew we were going to have a good conversation about her weight and body now. I replied “Yeah. Those shoulder straps did nothing but annoy you.” “Exactly. And that first harness actually fit comfortably. And I have these large hips, once you tighten it around my waist, they’re definitely not sliding back down,” she said while laughing. “Yeah, they should have given that second harness to someone who didn’t have hips.” “The only other people I saw with that harness on was big fat football player-like guys who had big bellies. They needed the shoulder strap because their bellies were bigger than their hips. I’m not built like them,” she said while laughing. “No you’re definitely not,” I said. “Exactly. I’ve gained most of my weight in the hips. I’ve never had a belly. Well, I have a bit of a belly now because of all the weight I’ve gained.” Then she actually placed her hand on her belly and rubbed it a little, as if she was feeling how big it was now. I smiled a little. Here was a woman whose belly stuck out past her boobs while standing and she said that she only had a bit of a belly. Then I said “Yeah, it’s not big at all, I wouldn’t even call what you have a belly, it’s more like ‘ab pads.’” I said as a joke, and she laughed. “Haha. Well, I kind of have always had ‘ab pads’ though. But now there’s so much more fat here than there used to be.” Again, she rubbed her belly, then continued. “But that still doesn’t explain what the instructor was thinking. I may have a bit of a belly, but I don’t have a big enough belly to need shoulder straps.” “Maybe she misjudged your body. Maybe she noticed how big your hips and butt are and assumed you must have had the belly to go with it?” “Maybe. That’s the only guess that’s made any sense. But still, she should have saw that I don’t have a big belly. Like yeah, I definitely have a belly, but that waist strap on the first harness fit comfortably around my waist and it wasn’t going to slip down over these hips.” This time, she rubbed her huge hips and thighs. “Definitely.” Then, the subject of the conversation changed to our jobs. And she was talking about how her new job is better than her old one. Here was the most interesting part. “The schedule for my old job was crazy. Often, I only had time for one big meal. And I would just make or warm up and huge portion of Mac & cheese and eat it all at once. That’s why I gained so much weight when I worked there.” “I didn’t notice you gained weight,” I lied. “How much did you gain?” “I don’t want to tell you.” “How much do you weigh now?” “I’m not going to tell you.” “Seriously? I’m not going to tell anyone.” “That’s not it, I don’t want anyone to know. I haven’t told anyone, not even my mom.” “So? You can tell me. I want to help.” “I know you mean well. But my weight is my thing to worry about, not anyone else.” So yeah, she refused to spill any info about her weight. She was willing to tell me she weighed 200 pounds a year or so ago, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she is up to like 220 now. It must be pretty high to be that strict on telling people how much you weigh. Anyway, the conversation continued. I said. “Well, I can’t tell that you’ve gained weight.” “Well, I have. I’ve been told though that I wear it well. Like, I’m well-proportioned. I have all the right curves in all the right places, they’re just bigger.” She started laughing and smiling. “That’s definitely true.” “Yeah, like it even makes it hard to buy clothes. I’m fine with shorts and skirts, but it’s difficult for swimsuits and pants.” “Why is it hard to shop for swimsuits and pants?” “For swimsuits, like first of all, absolutely no one piece suit fits me. If it’s big enough for my hips to fit in, it’s always baggy around my torso. And if it would fit around my torso, there’s absolutely no way I’m fitting these thighs into it. So I always have to get two-pieces. Even then, I have to buy my two-pieces separately. If they come in a set, again, the bottoms might fit but the top will be too big, or the top will fit and the bottoms are way too small. So I have to get them separately. My tops vary between medium and large, and the bottoms have to be like an XL. And pants, especially jeans, have a similar problem. If they fit comfortably around my waist, they’re normally really uncomfortably tight around my hips and thighs. And if they fit around my thighs comfortably, they’re normally loose around my waist.” “How about the pants you’re wearing now?” I asked as I pointed to her stretchy running pants. “These are perfect. They fit comfortably around my waist and they’re stretchy enough for my hips. Now, sometimes the waistband rolls down and I have to pull them up-" she said, and I immediately thought it was her belly/muffin top that caused that. She continued "but otherwise these are great." Last time I met her, she did mention that she had been trying to eat healthier. Since she was so open about her weight right now, I decided to ask “How is your diet going? Have you noticed any weight loss yet?” “No, I haven’t really started. I’m taking steps to lose weight, but like, baby steps you know,” she replied with a laugh, then continued. “I’ve started trying to reduce portion sizes. But not yesterday though. I was out with friends so I was having a big burger and a milkshake.” Again, she was smiling and laughing. “That’s ok though. It would be wrong to not splurge while hanging out with friends.” “Exactly! And I’m only going to do that occasionally. But as I was saying, I’m taking baby steps. I’m in no hurry to lose weight. I’m not ashamed of my body. Like I’ve been at this weight now for about 6 months, obviously it doesn’t seriously bother me.” I think that last comment was a slight lie. Because it had been less than 6 months since I had last saw her, yet she had stopped wearing jeans and upsized her scrubs. But still, her attitude about her weight was nice to see. I said “that’s a good thing. Your body size doesn’t really matter.” “Exactly. So I’m going at my own pace when it comes to this weight loss thing and do what I’m comfortable with. Like, seriously, I can’t really go for a run at all right now. I need to lose some weight first, then begin working out.” Then we started talking about the upcoming months and when to hang out again. Somehow the conversation got off topic, and she started talking about how she loves to bake in the winter. So yeah, she’s not losing any serious weight anytime soon. This time, I decided to post some photos. She was looking so good last time, that I had to share. The first pic is her in a bikini from 2009, when she was 150 pounds. This was roughly a year after she stopped playing volleyball, so she's a little softer and thicker than she was normally at the time. She removed this photo from social media when she reached 180 pounds. After that comes some photos from 2017, wearing the same bikini top. Around this time, she told me she weighed 200 pounds. The photos of her in a purple shirt and jeans are from spring of this year, and I’d guess she weighed roughly 210 then. These photos really show how big and soft her arms are. Then come the recent photos, where she refused to tell me how much she weighed. I’d have to imagine she’s gained weight since the spring because she up-sized her scrubs, so I’d guess 220. I feel these photos don’t do her justice, she seems bigger in person than in these pics. It’s partly because of my camera or the angles of the photos I think. But you definitely still see a significant gain.
  8. She has a clear belly line in this vid https://youtu.be/LcNCMf-O9q8
  9. That latest picture of her is freaking gorgeous. It really gives you an idea of just how much belly fat she has. Now, if only she would take a pic with her in the same pose, but in a bikini. And not a high-waisted bikini.
  10. The beginning and end of this video is great.
  11. I have some stories regarding my friend, this time about her relationship with her younger sister. They’ve never seen eye-to-eye, and they occasionally have criticized each others’ weight. For the sake of making the story easier to tell, I’ll refer to my friend as Kim and her sister as Kristen. It started several years ago, back when my friend Kim was around 150 pounds. Back then, she played high school volleyball and did a lot of outdoor activities like hiking. She actually had a somewhat athletic build, but she was still curvy, with a little pudge around the midsection and had a nice, round butt. She knew she had a nice body, and she was critical towards others who were clearly bigger than her. Her sister, Kristen, had a completely different personality. She was a complete couch potato who watched a lot of tv. When I first met her, she was an average-sized girl standing 5’5” tall and weighing about 140 pounds. But she was extremely soft-looking, there was not the slightest hint of muscle on her. In fact, she even had a tummy despite not being a chubby girl. My friend definitely prided herself on being the stronger, more athletic daughter of the family. She would make not-so-subtle hints towards Kristen about how she should go outside or play a sport. Then, Kristen gained about 15 pounds, and my friend double-downed on the criticisms. Kristen had developed a noticeable muffin top, which spilled over the waistline of her jeans and often poked out from under her small shirt. Whenever she leaned over, the top of her butt crack was visible. Kim would tell her to “pull her pants up,” “get some clothes,” and/or “lose some weight” whenever she got the opportunity. And it appeared Kim got some satisfaction out of it. Kristen always appeared hurt by the criticisms, but she never tried to lose weight. Fast-forward a couple years, and they have both gained some weight. Kristen had probably only gained another 10 pounds, weighing roughly 165 pounds I’d guess. Kim though had gained a whopping 30 pounds, upping her weight to 180. At this time, Kim was in college and no longer playing any sport regularly. So on top of weighing 30 more pounds, she had lost some muscle mass and replaced it with fat. She was still stronger than the average woman, but she was far from her peak physical condition in high school. So, as you can see, the tables had turned, my friend Kim had become the fat sister. To make this difference even more noticeable, the two of them were gaining weight in different parts of the body. Kristen’s new weight went mostly to her upper body, including her boobs. She was actually looking kind of voluptuous at the time. Meanwhile, none of Kim’s new weight went to her boobs. Instead, it had went to her belly, hips, butt, and thighs - and she looked straight-up chubby. Despite clearly being the fatter sister, Kim would still criticize Kristen about her weight. I remember one time specifically, the three of us were sitting in the back seat of a car riding out to the park to go for a hike. Both Kim and Kristen had some belly fat resting on their thighs, Kim more so than Kristen. Kristen’s shirt had started to ride up a little, exposing a roll of belly fat. Kim noticed this, and she proceeded to poke Kristen’s belly and say something like “You’re belly is getting too big for your shirt.” Without hesitation, Kristen replied “you have a bigger belly than I do” as she pinched a handful of fat from Kim’s gut. Kim slapped Kristen’s hand away, and then crossed her arms in front of her stomach to stop Kristen from doing that again. Kim didn’t say anything, but she was visibly angry and embarrassed. Her attempt to put her sister down had backfired and she had been exposed as the fatter sister in front of friends. From then on, Kim didn’t criticize Kristen’s weight in public. I was surprised that Kim had continued criticizing her sister for that long though. She was not in denial of her size, she had told me multiple times that she was 180 pounds and wanted to lose weight. But old habits die hard I guess, and it was only a matter of time till Kristen called out Kim’s hypocritical attitude. For a while, I never heard Kim talk about Kristen’s weight gain. Now fast forward the the present, and Kim is now over 200 pounds, and Kristen probably weighs 190. Kim has continued to expand as before - her boobs have remained the same size, but her belly, hips, thighs, butt, and now arms have become thicker and flabbier. She is undeniably fat now. Surprisingly though, has definitely become more comfortable with her body. She will make jokes about how fat she is, but she still wants to lose weight. And thankfully, she doesn’t criticize anyone about their weight anymore. Except her sister that is. Kristen has a definite apple shape now. Her belly and boobs have gotten bigger, but her butt, hips, and thighs have remained (relatively) thin. Several months ago, I was talking to my friend Kim about her weight. I said something along the lines of “In my opinion, you look good. You’re not in as bad of shape as you think you are. You’re still the strongest woman I know, and you don’t tire out when we go hiking.” She replied “I know I’m not in terrible shape. Take for example my sister Kristen, now she is in terrible shape. I actually weigh more than she does, but she wears bigger shirts than I do. I normally wear a women’s large, sometimes an XL depending on the brand. But she always wear an XL, there’s no way she could squeeze into a large. And that’s because she is all fat while I have some muscle. You can’t see - or even feel - my muscles anymore because of all this chub I have now.” She paused for a second as she smiled and laughed. “But I know they’re there. So yeah, I know I’m not in terrible shape. I’m in far better shape than my sis.” She said all of that with a proud tone, as if she felt like she was better than her sister because she wasn’t as fat. I was kind of surprised she just brought up her sister like that. I thought their relationship had improved because they don’t live under the same roof anymore. But I guess now that Kristen is bigger than her, she feels like she’s allowed to criticize her once more. And I feel like I should point out that Kim definitely where’s bigger pants than Kristen. I didn’t want to say the out loud because I was afraid it would upset Kim who was feeling pretty good about herself in that moment. And that’s all the good stuff I have right now. Hopefully one day soon I’ll see them both again and they’ll fight about who’s fatter. That would be something to see.
  12. The friend I’ve told you about before visited again not too long ago. We didn’t talk about her weight as much as previous times, but I still have some stories to tell. When she arrived late at night, the first thing I noticed was that she had certainly not lost any weight. In fact, she was probably the biggest I’ve ever seen her. I say this because before, if she was standing up straight while wearing loose or baggy clothes, you couldn’t really tell she had a belly. She still certainly looked thick and couldn’t hide her love handles, but it wasn’t till she sat down that one could see she carried quite a bit of belly fat. But it was different this time. When she arrived and stepped out of her car, I saw she was wearing scrubs because she had come straight from work. You would expect scrubs to be baggy, right? But not on her, she filled it out. There was a clear outline of her belly, and if you looked closely, you could see an indent where her bellybutton should be. For the first time since I’ve known her, it appeared her belly stuck out as far as her boobs. Not only that, but her butt and thighs really filled her bottoms. And her arms, which appeared to be bigger and softer than ever, filled out the sleeves. I know she had gotten a new job recently, and if I were to guess - those scrubs probably fit her when she first started, but since then she has put on weight. I would later learn that she lives one block away from her favorite pizza place in town. She then came inside and squatted down to pet my dog, which was an amazing site. Her bottoms stretched tight across her butt, and her belly bulged forward to rest on her thighs. When she started petting my dog, her arm fat shook like jello. Once upon a time, she actually had strong volleyball arms, but now there is absolutely no definition to them. Then she sat down on the couch as we chatted for a bit, and I couldn’t help but take notice of her newfound plumpness. Her thunder thighs spread along the couch further than I remembered, and there was more belly fat resting on her lap than before. Her top was stretched very tight around her belly and muffin top, showing off every roll and bulge. And you could definitely see where her bellybutton was now, as the indent in her shirt was more defined than earlier. As good as that evening was, the next day was be even better. A group of us were going to a play, and we had to dress more formally than usual. She wore dark gray slacks with a black long-sleeve button-up dress shirt, and the outfit looked small on her. It was tighter than her scrubs, showcasing her curvy, plump figure - revealing every bulge and roll again. She also had her shirt tucked in and it really emphasized her muffin top, which spilled over her pants waistline. The shirt seemed especially tight around her belly, as the buttons were already slightly strained. As we sat down in our seats I watched her belly fat bulge forward and onto her lap again, and I glimpsed something wonderful. It was a little hard to notice at first because she was wearing a black undershirt, but some of her belly fat was actually poking out of the shirt between the buttons! And I was lucky enough to watch this many times, because every time someone walked in front of us, she had to stand up to make room,m. And then she would sit back down and cause her belly fat to bulge out again. I made two other delectable observations also. First, she was wearing a belt with a silver buckle, but when she sat down her belly fat completely hid it from sight. And second, the back of her dress shirt had become untucked, and if it wasn’t for her black undershirt, she would have been showing off some nice love handles. All of this was great to watch, and I wanted to know more about that outfit - like why she chose to wear it. My assumption was that it was the only formal outfit she owned, and that she knew her belly fat poked out of it, so she wore a black undershirt in hopes of making it less noticeable. I tried to bring up the subject in a more indirect manner, because I didn’t want to blatantly point out she was too big for that outfit in front of everyone. “Have I seen you in that before? It looks familiar.” I asked. “Probably not,” she replied. “I only wear this for formal occasions. Now, I used to wear clothes similar to this when I did catering in college, but I don’t wear those clothes anymore.” I had no doubt that was because those outfits didn’t fit anymore. She continued speaking. “I wear this outfit all the time for stuff like this, and even all my job interviews a few months back. But I doubt we’ve been somewhere together where you’ve seen it before.” “Ok I see,” I said. “It’s a nice outfit. It looks good on you.” “Thanks.” I feel like my assumption was correct. It sounds like it’s the only formal apparel she owns that “fits.” I felt even more confident about my guess when she kept complaining about her outfit. She never used the word “tight,” but she kept saying “stiff,” “constricting,” and how she “can’t wait to change back into pajamas.” It was difficult to get her to talk about her weight this time - which may be an indication that she’s bigger than ever and a little ashamed. The next day though, I actually got her to discuss her weight a little. She was wearing jeans with a fitted purple shirt that emphasized her chubby midsection. The short-sleeves of her shirt also brought attention to her thick, flabby arms. And even while standing straight up, you could see some belly fat spilling over the front of her jeans. We went out to breakfast before hiking, and we each had a big skillet for breakfast we couldn’t finish. As we were leaving, she said “I actually can’t believe I didn’t finish that.” “It was a big meal,” I replied. “Yeah, but still, I used to packing away everything in front of me. But maybe this actually a good sign. Maybe I’ll actually start losing weight.” “I didn’t know you were trying to lose weight.” “Basically I just started, I was trying to eat healthier before I came out here.” “Have you noticed any weight loss since you started eating healthier?” “Oh no not yet, it’s still too soon for their to be any difference.” “I see. How much weight do you want to lose.” “I don’t have any set goal in mind. I just want to be more fit.” “So there isn’t a specific number you’re aiming for?” “No, I don’t use a scale.” “Really? Then how do you plan on tracking your weight loss.” “Just if my clothes start fitting better and stuff like that.” “I see. It is just a number on a scale. It’s not that important.” “Exactly. I’m not set on losing a certain amount of weight. I just want to have more energy, and I want to be able to do some things more easily.” “Like what?” “Just like, it’s exhausting to carry all this weight up stairs. And I have so much belly fat that it gets in the way sometime. For example, I’ve been trying to do some yoga but some of those positions are impossible for me.” “I understand.” Later, we went on our usual hike. She talked how she wanted to lose weight and how she wanted to start walking/running on a regular basis. But then she also smiled and laughed when she said her weight doesn’t matter, which doesn’t seem like the attitude you should have if you want to lose weight. I tried telling her that she was not in bad shape, that she keeps up with me when we go hiking. But she said “I know I’m not obese, but I’m still not in good shape.” I found that interesting. According to the BMI chart, being a 5’6” woman at 200 pounds classifies you as obese. And I’m sure she’s over 200 pounds now, probably 210. Later during the hike, we went up this tall and really steep hill. For the first time since I’ve known her, she stopped halfway up to catch her breath. She looked truly fat in that moment - tired and breathing heavily with her hands on her sides that were digging into her doughy love handles and belly fat. She eventually recovered and walked to the top of the hill, and we resumed our walk even though she was breathing heavily again. She didn’t say anything about it - I think she was really embarrassed. I would guess that for the first time in her life, she felt obese. Despite all the 50+ pounds she had gained since I’ve known her, she had been able to keep up with me till that moment. Sure, she would complain about stairs and stuff, but it would only slow her down a little. For the first time she had to stop because she was too fat to go up the hill all at once. It was interesting to watch, but I’m also kind of worried that moment might push her to lose weight. And then that was it really, she left after that, but I hope you enjoyed this story.
  13. I hope she becomes a bigger model too (in more ways than one). I would love to see a model with a potbelly go mainstream. Can you imagine her being in something like Sports Illustrated? That’d be a huge step forward.
  14. I have another short story for all of you, from several years ago now. It happened while I was refereeing a soccer game. I hope I don’t bore you with all the referee details, but I feel they’re important. Anyway, I used to be a soccer referee for high school/middle school games. Every year you have to go through recertification, and while there’s multiple ways to do that, the most enjoyable way was to go to weekend-long referee camp during the summer. It took place at a college and coincided with a small soccer tournament, where we would referee the games. Most of us there were in our late teens or early 20s, with a few older, more experienced referees acting as teachers/supervisors. So it was a great situation, a bunch of young men and women hanging out without much adult supervision outside of courses and soccer games. Most of the referees were former high school players, and there were a couple women there who fit the mold of former athletes who had gained freshman 15 or much more. One such woman was a pretty brunette I first saw at the cafeteria during dinner. She was wearing blue jeans and a sky blue shirt, both of which were form-fitting and showed off her plump figure. This woman stood about 5’6” tall and easily weighed 200 pounds or more - giving her a very thick, curvaceous figure from her thick thighs up through her big booty, round belly, and nice breasts. Her jeans must have been snug because she was sporting a considerable muffin top. As she walked from the buffet line to her table with a plate packed full with food, I could see her belly fat and love handles jiggling a little under her shirt. When she sat down, her belly bulged forward wonderfully onto her lap, pinning the bottom of her shirt between her belly and thighs. Her shirt was now stretched tight around her belly, and the back of her shirt had ridden up, letting her love handles spill out. The sleeves of her shirt were very short, showing off some thick, soft arms that shook a little when she stabbed her food with a fork. And her long, curly brown hair was tied back into a pony tail, showing that she had chubby cheeks and a subtle double chin. She ate like she hadn’t eaten in days, shoveling her food into her face quickly and going through at least 2 plates full of food. That was nice to watch, but it turns out the next day would be even better. After a long day of refereeing games in the summer sun, I was looking forward to refereeing my last game of the day and going to the pool party. I don’t mean to brag, but a couple of us referees had proven our competence and we were sent to referee a game on the other side of the campus without the supervision of the older referees. I was assigned to assistant referee (the one who runs down the sidelines with the flag) for the game and I met the other assistant referee at the field. One of the teams had yellow shirts, so we changed into our black shirt to avoid confusion. We then waited for our main referee (the one who actually runs around in the middle of the field with the whistle) and it was getting close to game time. Then suddenly we saw another referee in a yellow shirt jogging towards the field, and it happened to be the woman I described earlier. Even though referee uniforms aren’t the sexiest outfits, you could still see all her belly fat jiggling as she jogged up to us. Since her shirt was tucked in, you could really make out the size and shape of her belly and muffin top. And her black shorts were also high enough to show how her thick thunder thighs rubbed together and wobbled as she ran. She was breathing kind of heavily as she apologized for being late. Then she noticed that we were wearing our black shirts and looked at the teams. “Looks like I have to change,” she said. Then, without warning, she just pulled her shirt off in front of us. It was a shock, especially since she didn’t even turn around. She was just standing there facing us in just a sports bra and shorts. She was even facing the field, meaning the players and the fans on the other side could see her. Her belly fat jiggled for a little bit after pulling her shirt off. She was extremely soft, plush, flabby, almost doughy - most of her body fat was definitely subcutaneous and not visceral. Every part of her body seem to jiggle with even small movements. For instance, when she pulled her arms out of the sleeves, not only did her flabby arms wiggle, but so did her belly fat slightly. The other referee had looked away, and I tried to be subtle, but I honestly don’t think it would’ve mattered. She didn’t seem to care at all that she was baring her fat body for all to see. As I said before, she was curvaceous all over, but her most prominent feature was her belly, which was quite large and very soft looking. I bet you could easily pinch a handful of fat from her gut, and her belly button looked so deep you could probably lose half a finger or more in it. And she had a large fat roll on each side, above her love handles and below her bra. Then, she leaned over to get to her gym bag. Her belly fat bulged forward and touched her thighs as she did so. She rummaged around her bag for a bit, causing her soft arms to jiggle again. Once she found her black shirt, she stood back up and began putting it on. Her luscious midsection wiggled as she pull her shirt down. The best part came when she tucked her shirt in. Since her belly fat and love handles were spilling over the waistband of her shorts, she had to almost lift up the fat and then tuck in her shirt. She started with one love handle, then continued around her belly to the other love handle. She performed this rather quickly, like she had been chunky for quite some time and was experienced in having to stuff her fat body into clothes. Next, she arched back slightly to tuck in the back of her shirt. Her belly was pushed forward as she did so, making it look even bigger. Then she said something like “I’m sorry if that was awkward.” “It’s ok,” is all I could say. I was still surprised at a woman her size having to confidence to just change shirts like that in public. Then we refereed the game. She didn’t run a lot, which was expected from a woman her size, but when she did, it was a fantastic sight. Everything jiggled from her thunder thighs up through her midsection into her nice boobs. During halftime, she was breathing pretty heavily and drank a lot of water. Later that evening, I saw her a couple times at the pool party. She was wearing a light grey bikini, which was the tightest outfit I saw on her the whole weekend. Both the top and bottom were digging into her flabby physique. I saw her adjusting her bottoms multiple times, as they kept sliding down. She was easy to spot in the crowd since most of the women there were in decent shape, and she really stuck out as being one of the few fat ones. Just watching her walk was great, as her thighs, butt, and belly jiggled with every step. I remember seeing her participate in everything - the water slide, diving board, rope swing - and she was mesmerizing to watch because her belly fat would jiggle non-stop, and she had to keep adjusting her bottoms because of it. And that’s it, unfortunately I never saw her again. But I’d like to think she has never lost weight, considering that she seemed quite confident and comfortable with her body.
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