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  1. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRYtD6PA/?k=1
  2. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdcYW9b6/?k=1
  3. I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but does anyone know where this full vid can be found? I’m sure it’s a year or more old. Her belly looks amazing here.
  4. Lots of jiggling in this tik tok https://m.tiktok.com/v/6957802539416849670
  5. First off, I’m sorry it’s been a long time since I posted about my friend but I think all of you will enjoy my little story here. I visited my friend several months ago, before the pandemic. When she opened the door for, despite the fact she was wearing baggy clothes, I could tell she was bigger than ever. Her belly and her hips were clearly bigger and rounder than I remember. We hugged, and I could tell she was thicker and softer than the last time I saw her. We talked a little bit that night and did some catching up. Then we decided to go out and watch a movie. I grabbed her coat for her, and I noticed it was a size XL. The last time I saw her, she was still squeezing herself in size L clothing even though it was obviously tight on her. It appears she became too fat to fit in those clothes anymore and finally upsized. The next morning was when things got really interesting. Normally I have to initiate or steer the conversation in order to get her to talk about her weight. This time, she just brought up the subject without any help from me. “I think I’ve finally stopped gaining weight,” she said out of the blue. “For a while there I was steadily getting fatter and fatter but my weight has remained consistent for the past few months.” “That’s good,” I said, lying. “Yeah, kind of, but I’m really fat now. I haven’t lost any weight since my weight leveled off. Not that I’ve been trying at all,” she said that last part with a laugh. “I’ve been eating the same as I’ve always have. But at least I’ve stopped gaining, which means maybe I can start losing weight. Which is good, because this is getting ridiculous.” As she said that last sentence, she placed her hand on her belly and rubbed it a little, showing off how big and soft it had become. “How’s it ridiculous?” I asked. “I’m just so heavy and out of shape now that I can’t even run. Even when I started gaining, I would go jogging. It was a slow jog but I was still jogging. But now I can’t even do that, I get out of breath really quickly. And I don’t have the energy I used to. I can’t exert myself like I used to. Hell, I even hate stairs these days because I can feel legs burning as they carry my fat self up.” Again, she smiled during that last part. Later, as we were driving to the park for a walk, I saw she was wearing jeans. The last time I visited her, her jeans were really tight and accentuating her muffin top. She normally wore something like leggings, and if she did wear jeans, she would complain that “they don’t make jeans for women with my build.” Which was a lie, she just didn’t want to admit she had gained more weight. The button on her jeans back then looked like it was ready to pop, and when we returned from going out, she immediately took off her jeans and put on sweatpants. It was obvious she had upsized her jeans since then, because the ones she was wearing now actually fit. I decided to see if I could get her to talk about it. “I’m surprised you’re wearing jeans,” I said. “The last time you went on a walk in jeans you said it was uncomfortable.” “Yeah, I shouldn’t have kept wearing those jeans, they didn’t really fit. I was in denial back then. I finally accepted I have gotten even fatter and bought bigger jeans. These actually fit pretty comfortably.” “Ah ok,” was all I said. “Yeah, back then, for a while I was already 50 pounds heavier than I was in school. I didn’t want to admit I was gaining even more. I didn’t want to admit I’d have to lose more weight to get back to my high school size.” “I understand.” “And I thought ‘maybe if I keep these tight clothes, it’ll push me to diet and exercise and lose weight.’ But that never happened. I kept eating and getting fatter and it finally got to the point I couldn’t ignore it anymore, all my clothes were getting too tight. So I finally accepted I had gotten fatter and bought new, bigger clothes. I can actually eat while wearing these jeans,” she laughed before continuing. “I continued to gain a little weight after getting new clothes, but everything stills fits and as I said earlier, my weight has stayed the same the past few months. So hopefully that means I can start losing weight - I’ll just have to lose more weight than I originally wanted too.” I knew she gets kind of sensitive if you ask her how much she weighs, so instead I asked “how much weight do you want to lose?” “Like 80 pounds,” she replied. I stopped and thought for a minute. I remember that she weighed 150 pounds in school. If she still wants to get back to her high school weight, that means she currently weighs 230 pounds. At 5’6” tall. I knew she had gained a lot of weight but the number still shocked me a little. “You don’t look like you have 80 pounds to lose,” I said, and I was actually being kind of honest. “Thanks,” she said with a smile. Then she started laughing. “But the scale doesn’t lie, I’ve gained a lot of weight. And even worse, I’m not as strong as I used to be, which means I’ve lost muscle mass and replaced it with even more fat. I used to be kind of muscular with a layer of chub all over my body. Now my body is like 100% chub.” She was still giggling a little as she said this. It does appear that she is not nearly as sensitive about her weight as she used to be. “I don’t believe that,” I said. “You still look pretty dang strong to me.” “So I’m not some weak skinny girl who needs other people to open jars for me, but I’m nowhere near as strong as I used to be. Like, I used to have biceps back in high school, and now my arms are bigger than ever, but it’s all fat.” “I understand.” “So yeah, I have a lot of weight to lose. If I stopped eating so much salty foods, I may be able to lose some of this weight kind of quickly. But I love salt and I love food and that’s why I’m fat,” she said while giggling. Later that day, we were in a mall, and we somehow started talking about weddings and dresses. She started laughing as she said “my mom got married in the same dress my grandma was married in. If I ever get married, I think my mom and grandma want me to do the same. But there’s no way that’s going to happen. They’re both shorter and they were thin back then, and I’m taller and fat.” She put emphasis on the word “fat” and was still laughing. “You’re not fat,” is all I said. She laughed was about to say something back, but then she saw a store she wanted to visit and that was the end of the conversation. So that’s it, not only is she bigger than ever, but she seems much less sensitive about her weight. She’s willing to talk and even make jokes about it. This was all before the pandemic, and I haven’t seen her since. Hopefully we see each other again soon, I’ve been trying to get her to come visit me. I’m wondering if she had gained even more weight during the pandemic. I highly doubt she’s lost weight, I text her regularly and it sounds like she hasn’t really changed her lifestyle.
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