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  1. She recently told me she was as high as 183. Down to 159 now. Here’s a pic of her ass before she started to lose.
  2. Little update, she’s lost 15 lbs since January but has added an inch to her ass in weight training. She had to get some new pants as old ones no longer fit, I said she should keep her old ones for maternity clothes as a joke. She responded, “or when I get fat again lol!” She’s lost a lot of her gut and thighs but I’m confident two weeks in Italy and nobody to impress should get her back into chubby mode
  3. Sorry I meant to put in my post that we did talk about body preference stuff, how I like bigger girls ect. She knows I’m not 100% happy with this even without me saying anything. So for now it’s kind of an awkward thing. Her boobs are losing it the most and you can literally feel them getting “emptier” every week
  4. Just wanted to put this thought out there and get some feedback. I get the feeling that on this website the curvier the better, I too am of that opinion. To make a long story short, girlfriend has been steadily gaining since we started dating six years ago, about 40 pounds in total. Her body is most comparable to Anastasia Lux (porn star) We are getting married next fall and she has started a training regiment. Wasn’t sure how it was going to go since she loves to eat. Well, she is taking it very seriously has stopped drinking her sugary alcoholic beverages and has really committed to the training. About 3 months in and she’s lost about 7lbs. I’m proud of her commitment but I’m also conflicted as her boobs have significantly gotten smaller, as has her belly and there’s still 6 months to go. For reference she’s about 5’8 and started around 180. Anyone else experience this? I obviously can’t say anything about being upset but I feel myself getting less and less attracted to her. I suppose she could go back to her lazy ways after we get married, as that seems to be the trend especially in America. Any input is great!
  5. Any Milwaukee/Madison/ Chicago area feedees?

  6. Wide hips, bet that booty is garbage w/out the jeans imo
  7. Sorry for the shitty screenshot but here's a good look at her belly from Snapchat
  8. Bummer this thread hasnt been active but wondering if anyone has any updates on her? Don't know where I would find more current pics!
  9. Should we worry she's talking about the gym and wearing a waist trainer? I mean she's trying to become a "curve" model and those girls are curvy no doubt, but they usually prefer them a bit more toned than Lucy. See Ashley Graham.
  10. With CNN keeping her on and then hiring Rachel Nichols (also very thick as noted in different thread) it makes me believe that they are going along with the bigger girl acceptance movement, which I'm all for! Been taking two years to convince my GF who has gotten quite thick that her body type is very popular right now. Thumbs up for thick girls!
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