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  1. Don't know why this girl hasn't gotten any love in a while. She is absolutely gorgeous!
  2. does anyone have the link to the thread handy?
  3. damn you're freakin hot! thanks for posting and welcome!
  4. Any ideas http://www.curvage.org/forum/imageserver.php?thumb=466556;image
  5. I love your stuff always good! hope you do a story for amy shes growing on me! ;0)
  6. I saw on E! true Hollywood stories: life after reality and it had jersilicous, im sure I spelt that wrong. which im shocked there isn't a topic on tracy dimarco Epstein she is a nice curvy gal but in this she definetly had put on probably 40 lbs from most likely baby weight! she has some killer curves in the episode seeing if someone could get some screen caps from it.
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