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  1. Dana.The.Lady

    I Will eat you!

    Come here and i Will eat you too
  2. My belly is full of Bella, the little girlfriend of my little brother. She was yummy but my brother is crying boy 😭😭 LOL


  3. What do they usually eat at Christmas? I had turkey and mayonnaise sakada. But I ate so much on this special date that I feel like my belly is going to explode right now! Like I'd swallowed the turkey whole and he was still moving inside me. What do you like to eat at Christmas?
  4. Dana.The.Lady

    Merry Christmas

    So full!
  5. Dana.The.Lady

    Merry Christmas

    I'm Soo full with this turkey!
  6. Just rubbing my belly with my pijama in my bed. Digesting my lunch. Can you help me to be bigger?


  7. Passing cream and rubing my belly that is movement so much! Come help me to make this rub! I'm sooo full...


  8. A new vídeo is coming...
  9. Please help me with a TIP to buy me snacks and make my belly full!
  10. Dana.The.Lady

    I'm sick

    I'm sick with COVID in my bed =/ please send me a TIP to help me
  11. I eat another friend of my little brother and this one is Sooo bad boy in my belly... Digesting prey, prey Fighting, gas's, Belly Full, vore is my life.


  12. I found a tiny in my room and i can't resistt but he's crying so much! I just wanna digest him! Ps; Includes Vore, Digestion, Prey Talking, Digestion Sounds


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