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  1. Bingo, that's the one
  2. Dear Lord she's looking incredible, can't believe how thicc she's got 😍
  3. She's looking nice and thick in her reels post as well, not sure how you post those here though
  4. Damn, we need that saved as a gif 😍
  5. 😍 dat ass, nice to see this one uncropped like it is on Insta, absolutely stunning
  6. Woah, she looks so thicc now, especially in the white lingerie, incredible 😍
  7. Welcome back, you look amazing as ever 🙂
  8. Glad to see she's back and up for gaining again, as a side note here's three of my favourite pics of Passion from her Passions Place Days, all cropped from Previews back in 2016
  9. Looking rather big considering she announced she was expecting only just back in November
  10. I could be wrong so please dont take this as gospel but I'm sure I read somewhere she was poorly for a while so ended up losing weight and retired. Again dont know how true this and cant remember where I read it but if true glad to see she's better and back.
  11. Recent pics from her and AGT instas
  12. Always liked Loey but to me she looks perfect now, so curvy, plush and beautiful.
  13. Thanks for image 2 & 3 but image 1 is exactly why we can't have nice things, why do they bloody do that 🤦‍♂️
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