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  1. Raceshark2001

    osaka in lifestyle discussions

    Someone must have hijacked his pictures again. It's too bad, he posted a message that only people that followed him can contact him.
  2. Raceshark2001

    i love my gf UPDATE

    Glad to see the two of you are happy.
  3. Raceshark2001

    Help Me Identify These Please

    4 is Bethany Jo from southern charms
  4. Raceshark2001

    I love my girlfriend part 2

    One can only hope she continued to fill out more.
  5. Raceshark2001

    A new comic from me

    Sneak peek is up on his page.
  6. Raceshark2001

    Breakfast with sister

    Sorry, I guess I don't feel the need to be bitter about something I have no control over. My world has not ended because this comic has not turned out better, and apparently your world has.
  7. Raceshark2001

    Breakfast with sister

    For the record, no one is forcing you to come back and comment on this every time they update the comic. If this keeps up, I recommend a thread lock.
  8. Raceshark2001

    Dietto Muyo

    Actually, if you click the comic page they are in order on there. You don't need to sort through the gallery.