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  1. $5.00

    Donut Delight

    I eat an entire box of donuts! I just ate dinner after work and thought how hot it'd be if I stripped down to my underwear and devoured this in front of yall. I eat the entire thing, then show how huuge my belly is getting. I eat like this more and more lately. The future is looking FAT!

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  2. $8.00

    Bouncing Booty

    As I grow, I notice more and more how things just don't fit anymore, and just how FAT my ass is getting! In this clip I try on a pair of jeans, a pair I JUST bought last week. Then, after they don't fit ..at all.. I decide to shake my ass for you guys, while eating cheezits and drinking soda of course. Some great ass shaking, enormous burps, and sexy talk in this video. I went a little crazy at the end there, but I think you'll enjoy it  🐷

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  3. $4.00

    Tardis Try on

    So I decided to show off my tardis dress, and how "well" it fits me now! I've definitely grown alot in a very short amount of time! 

    My belly is practically bursting out of the dress, and if I have my way it will. 🐽

    Of course I can't keep food out of my mouth, so Im sorry if its hard to understand me because my mouth is full, lol

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  4. $8.00

    Thanksgiving Aftermath

    I just had a HUGE thanksgiving! Going to 2 families always means a ton of food, and you already know I ate until I was about to pop! I'm not gonna get huge without pushing my boundaries though, so when I get home I eat the rest of my homemade apple cobbler and wash it down with some of my 2 liter Dr. Pepper! Watch me top off my delicious day by stuffing my face, burping like a goddess, and I even get into it and let out some oinks like the piggy I am!


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  5. $8.00

    An evening with Celeste

    It's my first clip!!!!!

    Catch a glimpse at a typical evening in my world! Join me for dinner as I explain my feedee history (or try to between mouthfuls of food), smoke, and boss my husband around 🤣

    Then join me as we head upstairs and I show off a particularly requested ASSet

    Great burps, an after dinner showcase of my HUGE belly after I gorged on snacks, and lots of fun fat chat!

    Thanks so much for looking! ♥️🐷

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