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  1. Covid booster kicked my ass but i managed to film a clip last night! Ill be on tomorrow to answer more of yalls questions!
  2. It was difficult at first but I just realized how nice it was to just sit around, eat, and be lazy. And I also realized how sexy my ass looks the bigger it’s getting! Oh it is absolute paradise!!
  3. So I got my booster shot and it knocked me on my ass lol! I've been feeling under the weather but I'm feeling much better now and managed to film this video of me trying on some jeans that dont fit anymore... that I just bought like, last week..
    and then shaking my ass. It's a good one, and I think you guys will like it!

  4. As I grow, I notice more and more how things just don't fit anymore, and just how FAT my ass is getting! In this clip I try on a pair of jeans, a pair I JUST bought last week. Then, after they don't fit ..at all.. I decide to shake my ass for you guys, while eating cheezits and drinking soda of course. Some great ass shaking, enormous burps, and sexy talk in this video. I went a little crazy at the end there, but I think you'll enjoy it 🐷


  5. Itll happen soon.. my husband says im looking fatter lately and i definitely feel it. This curvage thing has made me push harder than ever before! Im filming a big stuffing tomorrow if everything works out as planned. Yall are really encouraging me and im gonna blow the fuck up for you guys. Heres what doing right now:
  6. Girl you so damn sexy, i cant even... like.. 😭

  7. Oh my god thats so good I love it lol, thank you so much
  8. Thank you! But I mainly focus on the feed me part 😋 Oh there will be more...lots more 😉
  9. This is my favorite shirt! It used to be loose on me but now it is getting tighter and tighter ❤️
  10. I'm gonna make damn sure this dress doesn't fit me next time I try it on! I wanna be huge damnit!
  11. My tardis dress try on clip is up for approval, does it look better or worse on me now? ;)

    Also my thanksgiving clip is still half off for the rest of the day! (and night, lol)


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