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  1. Hungry girlfriend feasts on boyfriend after a buffet ❤️ Includes vore teasing/RP, belly play/jiggles,burping, and some spectacular views ❤️


  2. Contains hard vore and teasing, burping, belly play, and the talents of the effervescent @Reiinapop! Part of the series of Halloween collaboration videos ❤️ ENJOY!


  3. You summon a succubus to fulfill your deepest, darkest desires...to be devoured and digested in a hot, cramped gut! With vorny teasing, belly play/jiggles, and some special effects to make that belly really squirm 😍 made with the help of @mr_rattle_bones on twitter!


  4. In which you stumble upon Lady Dimitrescu's castle! But she's HUNGRY...and you're just what she's been craving~ featuring a cosplay of our LADY D, vore, burping, belly play, aaaaand you get to peep what lacy little thing she wears under her dress ❤️


  5. Me and my feedee friends decided to record ourselves hashing it out in a burping contest! Watch us guzzle soda and burp as we rub each other's bellies and try to out do one another ❤️ Featuring the talents of @GoodGirlGrows, myself, @reiinabae, and @inkiighost!


  6. finally we can see this hot lady grows bigger and bigger day by day and more active...your hott

  8. Oh HELLO It’s me, I’ve been steadily gaining from living deliciously since 2020. Here to show off my dummy thick body and talent for eating and BORPING 💕💅🏻
  9. Well... Well... Well... Look WHO it is. THE OLE VORE QUEEN, BAYBEE.

    1. Vore-acious


      let me brush the DUST off this old thing

  10. that progression at the top of your page is *chef's kiss* 

    Its Beautiful Reaction GIF

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