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  1. What an amazing display of gluttony. Cant wait to see how much more you'll be able to pack in that belly next year
    That the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving as a true bonafide feedee goddess. Truly a masterpiece to be thankful for. I do love your video "secret stuffing punishment"
  2. You may have broken the chair. But we'll be waiting until you really BREAK that chair that it has you fall on your fat ass and have the impact of your ass slamming on the floor leaving you jiggling.
  3. Amazing video. Love your belly and how its just hanging between those big meaty thighs. I would love to just rub that belly while you feast like the queen that you are
    What a day to see another banging video from Kat and just to find it even more amazing. Love every second of it
    Very sexy video. Love all that belly rub and talk to get me excited. Cant wait to see more of you πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
  4. I would say it up front why an explanation as to why.
  5. Of course no one will notice. Now come and sit down before your feast gets cold. We cant have a growing go starving
  6. I remember seeing you're first ever post. Seeing you now is just breath taking. I cant believe in that tiny past you lies a massive goddess of pure bliss and gluttony
    Hucow videos are becoming my favorite things and this video checks everything I love about this community
    Starting to get into the Hucow feederism and I can say that you're video is amazing. Really excited to see a sequel after you gain ALOT more weight.
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