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  1. this is the problem I do not know, maybe yummycuppy but I do not know
  2. I watched the scene but i'm not sure that she wears a fat suit, maybe is only illusion of the facial prosthesis PS: Sorry for my english
  3. nope Melissa Fumero was pregnant for most of the filming of season 3, probably she is post pregnant belly
  4. in italy link does not work
  5. sorry i don't watch supergirl what happens in season 3?
  6. http://www.mega.cl/25/grandes-programas/humor/4747-casado-con-hijos.html i found this but I can'n watch it
  7. chile version with weight gain but is only part 1 i don't no if in part 2 the gain continue
  8. Hi everyone looking at the fantasy feeder forum I found this post, does anyone know the name of the movie? I copied the post in almost all its entirety by omitting the privacy of the user we caught part of an old black and white movie that took place somewhere around WWI I believe, and involved a wealthy man's daughter being kidnapped and transported for $10/pound and she'd be weighed when they arrived. There were a couple of comments about feeding her large meals and such and one old guy made a comment about "we liked them hefty way back then". It wasn't a focal point of the movie but I did find it interesting so see elements of our interests included in the movie.
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