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  1. Pritze99

    Make new photos and videos please ❤️

  2. Soon I'll return with some new videos! ❤️

    1. Miikey


      Heck yea!

    2. Gurulove


      we are waiting for them :D

  3. A little belly play vid (WITHOUT AUDIO!!!) me and my feeder made on Halloween night, while full of candies and while i was in a mild food coma ahahah We had much fun doing it! 🐷🥰 *No Audio in this Clip*


  4. A little belly play vid with my girlfriend & feeder 🥰🐷


  5. Just me eating spaghetti 'till i'm nice and full 🥰🐷


  6. Idk you, but i'm into that death f**dism sh*t so deep that i'm deep fried

    1. MrFeedYourGirl


      That's what we want to see of you. We expect great feats from you now!😈

      Maximum distention😈

  7. A clip of a belly play laying on my side like a proper pig, I enjoyed very much doing this vid. It's a bit longer than usual (5 minutes).


  8. I'm officially 2 pounds off from 350 pounds!! eheh I can't wait to be 400 on 31 december

    1. fattypleaser69


      Best piggy 😍

    2. MrFeedYourGirl


      I some how believe this is no exaggeration... 405 prior to dec 31😈

  9. Another little vid of belly play! The earnings are to be spent in food for enlarging my belly even more! 🥰🐷


  10. Well that was fun! A jar list of my main kinks and the level of how much i enjoy them!

    (empty jars = not a kink of mine, sorryyy)

    photo_2021-10-18_19-52-10 edited.jpg

  11. A little vid of me stuffing my face and my gut with two large pizzas, drinking coke and there are even two burps somewhere in the vid. (i don't burp often, lol) A little bonus of a supplementary 20 secs video in which i'm so stuffed i'm out of breath. (TWO FILES) Enjoy!


  12. A little bloating vid. I used water to bloat my gut, I drank around 3 liters then stopped 😂🐷 Enjoy!


  13. Two vids – of 5 minutes each one – of me chainsmoking, while I play with my belly, on the balcony. I love smoking and showing off on the balcony so that my neighbours can see how fat I am and I will get 😂🐷 Enjoy!


  14. Does Curvage accept smok*ng videos too...? I have a pair of chainsmoking vids I would like to share, but idk... 🥺🐷

    1. Miikey


      I think it does as long as fat kink stuff is still involved, like if you show your belly or something

    2. Zewik7


      Of course! I would play with my belly while I smoke eheh

    3. Miikey


      Then it'd absolutely be accepted here!

  15. A photoset of 30 photos with me as a piggy. I had long hair and weighted around 130 kg when my feeder gf took these photos! Enjoy!


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