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  1. dao

    Wrong Password

    I'm a doofus. I remembered my account name wrong, even if it had me staring in its face all the time. Thanks for your patience with me!😂
  2. dao

    Wrong Password

    Sadly, yes. 😕 Just tried Edge to no avail. How can this problem persist through every browser I got? I mean I can still enjoy curvage, it's just a hassle to reset my password with each log-in. Could VPN be the issure here? I used it on my old PC, but you never know.
  3. dao

    Wrong Password

    Hi! Okay, where do I start. Recently I built a new PC. Since then I can't stay logged in, even if I check the box, and when I try to log in it says every single time without fail that my password is incorrect. Then I recover my PW and I am magically logged in. I use Firefox, and sometimes Chrome, with the same problem. Also, I am quite sure it is not really a Curvage issue, but I would be grateful nonetheless.
  4. dao

    Taylor Swift

    She was very recently on NPR Tiny Desk Concert.
  5. Her name should be Yuuki Iori (優木いおり), Yuuki being the surname. And yes, she is wonderful.🤩
  6. Yeah that's Yurino Hana. She was mentioned here:
  7. dao

    Female wrestlers

    why would anyone make such videos where almost only a quarter of the screen is the video?
  8. Looks like under that newly-aquired belly fat she is still in good shape. Though, I think a bit more would be even better than she is now.
  9. Yep, skinny fat girls are the best, you just gotta love a pudgy belly. Also, she, to me, kinda looks like Dodger.
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