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  1. dao

    Wrong Password

    I'm a doofus. I remembered my account name wrong, even if it had me staring in its face all the time. Thanks for your patience with me!😂
  2. dao

    Wrong Password

    Sadly, yes. 😕 Just tried Edge to no avail. How can this problem persist through every browser I got? I mean I can still enjoy curvage, it's just a hassle to reset my password with each log-in. Could VPN be the issure here? I used it on my old PC, but you never know.
  3. dao

    Wrong Password

    Hi! Okay, where do I start. Recently I built a new PC. Since then I can't stay logged in, even if I check the box, and when I try to log in it says every single time without fail that my password is incorrect. Then I recover my PW and I am magically logged in. I use Firefox, and sometimes Chrome, with the same problem. Also, I am quite sure it is not really a Curvage issue, but I would be grateful nonetheless.
  4. dao

    Taylor Swift

    She was very recently on NPR Tiny Desk Concert.
  5. Yeah that's Yurino Hana. She was mentioned here:
  6. dao

    Female wrestlers

    why would anyone make such videos where almost only a quarter of the screen is the video?
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