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  1. Today was the day. Oh yeah I love my big pooch out took me 29mins to get up off the ground  I’ve never had serious trouble getting up  or been more tingled  by it   D40B30EB-4576-48A7-9B81-C1FF2FCC10D5.thumb.jpeg.f9402f439d64a7917e3b77254037e227.jpeg  see more in post. Newbieee9721A378-B2FB-46AF-8457-9EB354D5DD3D.thumb.jpeg.5702f3a64a5dfe2954dc87282c457d71.jpeg






    1. scosc@yahoo.com


      Looking gorgeous girl, let's see some more! I love armpits and feet too 😜

  2. My dirty secret self admission today i was huge. Just now exploring my true desire to be huge, trying to keep my arousal in check it’s not working please message me desires or tips NEWbie Alert. This morning I experienced euphoria while realizing trying to get up off my couch for the first time ever I was struggling. I let myself slide to the floor once I kept trying I was out of Breath. I propped myself up but felt like so out of breath needed to lie down. So I did then took on the job of getting up. What normally takes me 1 min took me 29 minutes today. I enjoyed this so much I was so off guard and I tried so hard to prove it to muself it wasn’t that bad just get up. The whole time I was out of Breath and wanted to take pics not premeditated in any setting maybe I am big now. I’m 259lbs today. Sept 27 I was 235. Wow and I’m feeling the need to all day I love love love holding my belly and gentle palm rubs and propping my Belly up to eat alone. I don’t get told what to eat I just wanted to feel big and today I felt huge and sooo happy and secretly realized I love being this way once I caught breath 10 mins later snd laid down for 30 mins. After. I was so turned on by my own body couldn’t get up fast all the sudden. I
  3. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 message

  4. In desperate need of of messenger buddies I can show my other photos too. My phone has over 309 of me gaining snd I need to share
  5. THANK

    YOU for leading the way for the rest of us. Admire you so much! 

    1. Curvybaby


      I appreciate you!! Thank you so much lovely!! Xoxoxo ❤️❤️

  6. That’s great. it’s so hard to know when a guy wants that. Thanks for leading the way 💋💋💋
  7. 💋💋💋💋. Brand new to admiring I love my stomach like this snd it makes me so horny I can’t hide it anymore
  8. Love your support on this site 

  9. I’m brand new too. Thanks for asking this I don’t know the answer but hey
  10. Hey everyone. Nervous neeeebee owning my wants. Thanks everyone 💋
  11. 166F9085-2C9B-45CB-80A7-4A91DB5C9C6B.thumb.jpeg.548fbafddd7725bd4a1a2218d2d35d95.jpegnewbeeee neeeedinG it 

    1. Mellybelly


      The real me and I get sooo horny by belly. Scared newbeee 




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