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  1. Before and after @kellijellibelli deep belly button play


    1. fdGHI.2378.fds.34Jli


      Hey do you have any candii kayn custom vids you'd be will to share/sell?

    This vid was absolutely amazing! I love all the different angles, the belly jiggles(thanks for the slow motion part), the squishy fat, your immensely deep belly button that keeps getting deeper, and most importantly your awesome personality that includes so much awesome passion for these videos! Thank you! So sexy...omg...
  2. I really enjoyed the video @kellijellibelli Have you ever tried to measure your belly buttons depth with a ruler out of curiosity?
  3. Check out @kellijellibelli new clip! She shows a lot of new weight and it makes her belly button appear super super deep!


  4. I feel like your belly button grew 2 inches in depth since your last vid lol belly looks so soft and squishy and that belly button is so deep and enjoyable to look at and wonder about. The inside, does it have an end? Lol
    Thank you so much for the lovely video and all of the beautiful sexy sights within in. Your belly sticks out like crazy how omg. Belly button keeps getting deeper. Ass gets bigger. Body just keeps getting wider overall. And I’m so used to seeing you u with a mask, but I liked seeing without for a change. You have a really beautiful face :))
  5. I just watched your latest clip, and omg.....you’re growth is def showing , and you look so damn beautiful and sexy. The chubby body looks great on you. Can’t weight to see how fat you’ll get. Any goals? Out of curiosity, how many calories can you consume in one sitting? Ever done the sprite and bananas bloat challenge?
  6. Anyway we can pretty please see another belly button play video? Your belly button is just so amazingly lovely! It’d also be nice to see how deep it’s getting with all of your weight gain
  7. @kellijellibelli she’s back at again fingering her deep belly button....omg...she’s gonna need longer fingers...highly recommend the video. There’s some suction from pulling her finger out of her belly button too...Thabks @kellijellibelli


  8. That moment when @kellijellibelli finds friends that lover her belly button as much as I do..... 😍


    I absolutely loved this video! I loved the cute bubbly personalities, the awesome role play, how you each caress each other’s belly’s, and I thought it was amazing to hear you talk about belly buttons as well! Hope to see more belly play from you guys! I definitely want to buy more
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