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  1. I have soooo many fun videos planned for you guys! 🐷🐽❤️.

    1. FatGurlLover


      That's exciting news 😃😍🐽

  2. Someone come over and hand feed me breakfast. I’m too lazy to get up 🐷🐽


    1. mrauz


      I would volunteer! :) 

  3. I feel like my big belly has already grown since this last update 🐷🐷. This piggy is growing so fast. Should I post an updated picture soon?
  4. Being obese is hot 🥵. I love being a big fat piggy 🐷B4505790-7BD9-40B8-9373-14992A8C601F.thumb.jpeg.f9cdf3bd23620a99a22d54cc2078f2db.jpeg

    1. FatGurlLover


      You're huge 😍  Definitely a sight to behold

  5. I woke up craving all the pies! I want pumpkin, apple, sweet potato and pecan pie all in my face right now 🤤🤤🐷🐷13B84D8C-025D-4DDA-96D1-AAD60BB1D967.thumb.gif.79448689bdde3db993693a749c436fd5.gif

    1. mrauz


      Fill that belly up with all the pies you want ;) To make space for even more :P 

  6. I think my next video will be a soda bloat and burping video 🐽🥵. In the meantime you can enjoy my bloated double belly in this video 💋💋.            81EDD328-C00D-4CD4-BBF6-0236FDBDCA3F.thumb.jpeg.79670c4b8707890798e4f060d546d253.jpeg


    1. FatGurlLover


      Your stuffing video is awesome 😍  I'm here for a soda bloat! 🥤

    2. Iamthebest


      You're so Pretty! 😍😍

    3. Thepiggyprincess


      Thank you! 

  7. Growing girl 🥰🥰🥰46A14B74-AC7A-4932-90CE-BC39614B4E75.thumb.gif.fd4c4b898e4dea8427fc2ed02435d0b4.gif check out my latest video 🐷🐽.


  8. This fatty is growing fatter so quickly. Watch me try on clothes from just last year. Can’t wait till I burst out of them 🐷🥰. Watch me play with squeeze into them and play with this huge double belly of mine. https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/16125-squeezing-into-last-years-fall-clothes-and-playing-with-my-big-fat-belly-🐷🐽/
    1. PlumpLove


      Wow!  You sure are making progress.  Beautiful belly!😃

    2. Lushlife


      Dreamy. And so pretty. 

  9. Watch me squeeze into clothes I wore last year for fall. These jeans give me a huge muffin top and the shirt is now a crop top 🥰. This piggy is growing so huge 🐽🐷.


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