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  1. I think this is one of my favorite pictures I have taken of myself. It’s misleading. At first glance you so boobs and a chubby belly when in reality there is a heavy, rolly , hanging belly just out of view.
  2. I lowered the price of a few clips😘 have a look and show some love! 


  3.  New video up!!! 
    click the link to watch your fat girlfriend climb on top of you and play with her belly! 


  4. *Video has sound but no talking I put together a few clips in the four minute video. It starts out as your fat girlfriend climbing on top of you. 🤤 then your girlfriend lays down and shows her hidden bikini bottoms while playing with her belly . next you girlfriend lifts her heavy belly and places on a dresser. finally we end the video with some bouncing on the edge of the bed 🙈


  5. I mean … any thing is possible 😏😂
  6. Flying today ✈️ 

    Ready to smoosh some unexpected passengers 😂


  7. I have been gradually (unintentionally) been gaining since 2012 and purposeful gaining for about 3 years! I am planning on doing a video about my gain and goals ☺️
  8. Watch me drink while wearing a sexy outfit. A few burps do slip out. *there is audio but also street traffic! Filming some new videos soon. Just on vacation atm ☺️


  9. These jeans used to fit me a little loose, now I STRUGGLE to zip them up!! Sitting down is almost out of the question, they are so tight they just cut into my tummy. 

    I can’t wait for the day they don’t go past my fat ass and thighs!! 


  10. *New model here

    My newest post has nearly 300 views with only 4 purchases. 

    What are some reasons you DONT buy a clip? 
    Price to high? 
    Not interested in the model? 
    Video too short or too long? 

    What sells you on the video? 

    There are no wrong answers! I’m honestly just curious. 


    1. Dannyboi19


      Your prices are definitely reasonable! In my case I’d say video titles definitely catch people’s eye as well as the thumbnail👍🏼, your content is great😍

    2. TheGunSh0


      Titles. Telling us what we are going to see in the video is definitely important. Also, the actual content. The best selling videos are usually weigh ins, goal videos, stuffings, fat chat/play, tight clothes try on, etc. 

    3. Hamilbutt


      Thank you for the input!! 

    4. Doc Mo

      Doc Mo

      To be completely honest, I have bought clips from several models. I enjoyed not having to download them immediately, and being able to easily access them on my mobile devices. Then one of the more prominent of them surprise removed her content and closed her account. I couldn’t access any of the files I had purchased! She soon after reopened her account with a new name and no obligation to honor the previous purchases. Curvage backed her right to do so as it’s listed in the fine print. But because of that, I’d rather give my money to models directly and receive my content permanently, whether it’s OF or an older site like C4S. 

      There are a couple models whose clips I might still purchase based on the connections I’ve made with them here. But if they’ve got another way to sell clips, that will always be my preference.

      Good luck!

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