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  1. Really well said!! For me it's about people enjoying their bodies and not feeling guilty about food all the time. Your Shibari photo ist amazing.
  2. I really enjoyed reading this thread. Lucky you for having such a gorgeous GF.
  3. I think your girlfriend is into feederism but maybe has a guilty conscience from society? Or she might be worried that If she gains more weight you won't find her attractive. Your ideas are great:- "...continue subtly embracing the kink? feeding her, caressing her, being more forward in it during sex -talk about it with her outside of sex? like say "hey, that stuff you were saying last week while we were having sex...that really turned me on" and go from ther" If you keep telling her how much you love her fat and curvy body and how hot she is it might get her to open up to you. Good luck!
  4. You've doubled in size... into a gorgeous fatty.
  5. Your fat face ist soo cute, I love the dimple and of course your double chin.
  6. Yes, me in my fantasies feeding a lovely big Lady 😁
  7. Wow, 15lbs gain for the month is a great Goal 😍
  8. Thank God I learned french in school 😅 (a while back). Lovely photos and I'm excited to follow your weight gain journey.

    1. frenchfeedee lili

      frenchfeedee lili

      Ahah thank you 


  9. Gorgeous, and definitely more voluptuous boobs.
    Great to see and hear the voluptous Rubenesque beauty Kitty in action. Fabulous weight gain and a very sexy classy Lady. Kitty you have great taste in lingerie, I loved the bra 😍
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