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About Me

Brand new here.....but I like it already. Pleasure  to meet you. I love animals,  especially  dogs 😍😍.....so yes, I would  get into  your windowless  van for puppies  or candy 😜😉 I have  lots of belly and tons of jiggle. I love Food and being fed seductively 😉 kinda dominant and exhibitionist by nature. I would  LOVE to squish your face with my  big, fat belly! Then make you feed me more donuts😍😍😍. I'm  a totally  happy  fat ass! Love my curves and plan on building  them up. I want  to be a big, sexy fat fertility  Goddess 🤩🤩😍😍🥰🥰 I  love being  fat, it's  a hopelessly  indulgent lifestyle with the added bonus of laziness. Going into food comas are a daily routine  for me😁😁😁 weight packs on more if you sleep  right after, at least that's  what  sumo wrestlers  do 🤔🤔🤔 I'm  lazy, so it fits perfectly 🥰💞😴👌😄.  

 Say  Hi, or give me a wink 😉😜😏...other than that,  go indulge!!!!😘😘😍😍







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