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  1. I used to hide my tummy so much when I wasn't even that big (195lbs) Now that I am 300lbs I love my body and how strong it is getting 2012 VS 2021 vs
  2. I am not a big fan of sweets, but I made an exception for this delicious cake


  3. VioletWitchy

    My Fave Hobby

    I love eating, Selfies of me and the food I've stuffed my face with
  4. This is an old vid, probably 2015? not sure XD sorry about the quality, but hey my tummy looks cute and it's me enjoying chicken nuggets so if you into that then this vid may be for you *The audio is very quiet and crackly*


  5. I have not forgotten about this page XD I've gotta organize my pics and find my stuffing vids :P got a few of those, plus a ton of more content that I think everyone here will enjoy :D hehe so excited to start showing off my goodies ^_^ Thank you so much for such warmth welcome here, I am so happy to find a place where I can share my love with food :D 


    1. chucklehead2


      This makes you look bigger than you do from the outside

  6. Video is being processed XD
  7. Sitting in my bed with 30 Tacos al Pastor all fully sauced, salsa, onions, and very yummy pork meat (Al Pastor) and the tortilla was cooked with oil making it even more yummy I ate the entire 30 tacos with a 1.5L Pepsi very delicious snack


  8. I had an error uploading this and now I dont know how to delete XD lol halp
  9. I had an error uploading this and now I dont know how to delete XD lol halp
  10. What else should I post? lol sorry new to the site idk what I am doing here XD
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