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  1. One Day I decided to order a dozen donuts and spend the day gorging on them while lounging around. I came sooo close to finishing them, I only had two left and I fell asleep because I was just so stuffed! They were all very heavy, cream-filled donuts otherwise I probably could've managed all 12. Next time! (No audio)


  2. (No Audio) Title says it all! Got baked, ordered way too much McDonald's, then ate it. Two burgers, a poutine, some chicken nuggets, a McFlurry, and a large soda. I couldn't quite finish it all, it was just too much! Any fishnet fans out there?


  3. Part 2! Watch me finish my midnight feast and gorge myself with a whole pint of ice cream for dessert. It only takes me a few minutes to devour the ice cream, it just tasted so good even though I felt like I was going to pop! Lots of burping, belly rubbing, moaning in my much-too-tight gym clothes. Watch all the way until the end to peep my highest EVER post-stuffing weight. I couldn't even believe it!


  4. An incredibly indulgent night. Around 9pm I had a frozen pizza for dinner and was feeling satisfied. Until midnight rolled around and I decided to check the delivery apps to see what was open. I ended up ordering from a Japanese restaurant - I got an order of tofu curry over rice, an order of chicken karaage, and an 8 piece spicy salmon roll. Afterwards, I remembered I had a pint of ice cream in the freezer and was overtaken by a powerful craving. Even though I felt pretty close to stuffed to my limit. "I can always put the rest back if I only eat a little but..." But of course I finished the whole thing anyway and could barely stand up after. I even brought the camera into my bathroom to film the scale as I weighed myself. I don't want to spoil the ending but you can hear me gasp at the number... Make sure you buy Part 2 after this one to find out!


  5. New video coming soon! 


  6. The main part of my Halloween costumes arrived early and I just had to play with it. I went out for dinner and drinks with friends and got a big piece of cheesecake for dessert. After I got home I felt like topping myself up as usual so I squeezed myself into the suit and chugged 1L of Diet Pepsi to make this video for you. Lots of burping, a HUGE round tight belly, and some cheeky teasing as I unzip while just barely keeping my nipples covered. Expect more to come soon with this costume...


  7. The other night I was planning on having a regular dinner and taking it easy for the evening but instead I ate a huge burrito bowl, a cookie, and a couple of cans of soda. Then a couple of hours later I was going to get ready for bed but found this half-full 2L of Sprite and decided to chug it all as fast as I could. It took me about 10 minutes because I was so full and after I had to give myself tummy rubs because I overdid it a little 😓 A few good burps in this one if that's your thing!


  8. Fresh video from just last night! I had a big dinner then decided to try on an old pair of jeans. Watch me struggle to do up the button, breathing heavily from the exertion. I had to lie down to finally get it to close and then as I sit up... POP! My first ever jean button pop! I'm very excited to reach this milestone and hope you enjoy watching!


  9. Lately I just can't feel fully satisfied unless I push myself right to the limit... After a huge stuffing I love to hook up my air pump and round out as much as possible. Watch me approach my limit, give myself a relieving oil massage, then struggle to stand up so I could measure how big around I got.


  10. I am so excited about this video!!! A couple of weeks ago I travelled to meet up with Reiina and some other models and one night after livestreaming together we decided to keep eating and ordered a bunch of late night Taco Bell. I think I was able to eat more than usual just being inspired by her, it was a total dream come true! 😍 Anyone here a fan of belly chains? Come watch and see if we keep them on or if they pop off 😲


  11. Hi, Curvage! I'm Abby Bee and I'm new to the site here, my friend GoodGirlGrow talked me into starting an account here because you've all been so good to her and it sounded really nice A bit about me: I first discovered the online stuffing/FA community when I was about 15, totally by chance. It was my first time ever knowing there were other people like me. I've always been very secretive about my kink though, and too scared to interact at all so I never did. Fast forward to last year, the pandemic happened and I started smoking ** for the first time ever. This gave me unbelievable munchies and triggered the kink like never before. Also feeling isolated and with a lot of time on my hands, I downloaded ** and started posting there. I got a very warm welcome and started posting to Reddit too. That escalated pretty quickly and I started making selling content too! It's been a crazy and amazing experience and totally worth the stress and initial learning curve. The kind of content I make is mostly food stuffing, air inflation and a little water inflation, and I LOVE soda chugging! Diet Coke & Mentos, bananas and Sprite, I just love it. I have gained about 20 pounds since starting, although that is not at all my intention and I do not consider myself a gainer at all. I used to be a strength athlete so I already had a big appetite, and when that gets combined with a much more sedentary lifestyle and ** munchies AND filming stuffing content, it's bound to happen! I currently hover between 175 and 180 lbs, I was right at 160 when the pandemic started and back when I was competing regularly I sat around 150 lbs. I'll be posting photos here but for now I'll just leave it at this little intro!
  12. Just a few days ago I did a livestream on a different site in which I ate a second helping of dinner, then did a Diet Pepsi and Mentos bloat - 1.5 packs of Mentos and a whole 2L. After the stream I wasn't satisfied even though I was PACKED FULL and could barely even get my stomach to slosh. I topped it off with half a large bag of chips, a lot of water, and then a bunch of Two-Bite Brownies. I think I reached new limits!


  13. That time I couldn't decide what to have for dinner and didn't feel like cooking so I just ate an entire McCain chocolate cake 😇 I start out in jean shorts and a t-shirt that used to fit me perfectly, but I have to unbutton them at the end because I'm just too full. I'm honestly surprised I managed to eat all of it in 20 minutes! Watch to see how much bigger I get in such a short time.


  14. Thank you Bunny! ❤️❤️❤️
  15. Thank you!! I've known for a really long time actually, over 15 years I think! I only ever lurked though and never interacted or did serious stuffings until maybe October last year? That escalated quickly and now I'm a model lol!
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