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    ace trans girl freak, rocka rolla retro slut and horror bitch
    Looking to meet local feedees/feeders/FAs, all of the above

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  1. doomfeedee

    Horror Movies

    been getting immersed in the 60's Italian gothics and it's been so gooood, particularly obsessed with the Barbara Steele flicks Mysterious Domain Movie Palace on youtube has a great inventory of the movies available to watch, the rest are easy to find on youtube as well. Watched "The Long Hair of Death" (1964) last night and fuck it was so good! Shakespearean revenge fantasy medieval horror orgy of atmosphere and dread my personal favorite of the era is "An Angel For Satan" (1966) which is on youtube as well, very creepy masochistic film with - like all the gothics of this era - an empowering twist finish that defies the dread you feel throughout the film
  2. What's your absolute favorite pastry from your side of the pond, what's your fav savory treat you miss from the states, and what's your personal favorite chub spot to squeeze 🥰
  3. fat asses, fat asses, and fat asses :)FD84DA16-C9FD-4385-A77E-083DFCBA5292.thumb.jpeg.2015044ead4377689f34e9cadb853c8a.jpeg

  4. doomfeedee

    Horror Movies

    the first one is very campy but its one of my all time favorites, i keep the vhs of it by my bedside hahaha
  5. doomfeedee

    Horror Movies

    Some of my fuckin favs heheh
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