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  1. Well, certainly people aren't going to be complaining much about the extra weight on this site, so you may not get a huge variety of answers here, haha. I'm partial to bigger women myself, but I think that self-confidence is a much more attractive quality than any specific weight. I say you should just focus on living as you see fit while embracing yourself in the moment rather than working to lose or gain weight for anyone but yourself. Just try to feel good (physically and emotionally) in your own body, and if you're ever at a point where you're not happy, then feel free to take a step back.
  2. If on a computer, anyway, you just drag a file onto the "choose files" area. And having seen the chair gif on Reddit, I have to agree that it's fantastic.
  3. Well, good to have you on board! Here's to wishing you well as you get acquainted with the place.
  4. I've seen you post on Reddit before. Glad to have you here, as well!
  5. Your name is an alien reference, and that alone is worth a follow.
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