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  1. That would imply you're born with a paraphiilia, which seems quite questionable to me.
  2. Never been a fan of her fake ass. It would be nice if she took it off and she put on weight naturally.
  3. The calves-to-belly ratio is one of my favorite indicators of skinny-fatness.
  4. Who's the other girl? She has potential too. Starter double, hint of a belly, skinny-fat arms...
  5. Jesus, those are some serious fat rolls for a professional athlete.
  6. She should go on vacation so we can see bikini pics of her in her current state.
  7. Blake seems to be getting bigger again:
  8. Yeah, we need to hire a temptress and show Camila the pictures.
  9. I think her weight oscillations have something to do with that. Comfort eating.
  10. Well, my gf is skinny fat but she has a belly and no tits.
  11. That's a good one! My gf's legs don't look very thick when she's standing (actually her calves are very skinny since she has no muscle at all), but when she sits down her thighs look huge. I particularly noticed this when she was sitting next to a fitter gir who wasnt't particularly thin. My gf's thighs looked much wider, just fat splattered on the chair.
  12. Yes, gaining is so common I've found myself admiring gains on the "wrong" women. I guess that only makes it more exciting.
  13. Lovely side view of her fat gut when she's walking towards the studio in the beginning of the video.
  14. Where did it happen? High school, college, home...?
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