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  1. No thought needed on this one. It's ass all the way. If she is bottom heavy thats icing on the cake. Nothing better than a chick with wide hips and a soft jiggly bubble butt.
  2. I would follow that from Maine to Mexico!!!
  3. Looks good enough to saddle up and go for s rode.
  4. My girl and I havr been together 10 years. Today she is 230 lbs and shes 38x34x56 with an A cup. She has had two kids and when we met she was a AA cup 195 lbs and 34x30x48.
  5. Not sure how anyone could find a use for a thigh gap. When this is available.
  6. Thats like 2 day old chili. Better with time.
  7. Jesus God she is hawt!!!
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