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  1. You and your boyfriend are both so sexy 😍 Such a dreamy couple. Also, if you smoke, I think pictures of you smoking would be pretty hot...
  2. Tu es devenue vraiment grosse... c'est tellement sexy. Ton ventre devient de plus en plus doux. Aimes-tu la sensation de devenir plus lourd? Tu veux continuer à grandir ?
  3. It's wonderful that you've accepted yourself, your appetite, and that you are meant to be fat. Even more so now that being fat is basically the new normal! I hope it brings you happiness, and that you love living your big, best life! PS: You look absolutely stunning with the extra weight x
  4. She must be pushing 290 lbs? But that would make her BMI 54.8, which seems too high. Either way, she is gorgeous. Even photoshop is struggling to hide how fat she is. Hopefully she'll start to enjoy being so big, the longer she stays at this size.
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