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  1. The Smallville Theme
  2. Here's some of my personal favorites I've done Miranda Lawson "Mass Effect: Kristin Kreuk Amy Jo Johnson "Power Rangers"
  3. Virt a mate easily has the best weight gain mechanics In any game. You just mess with the body morphs and you'll have a pretty decent BBW. And plenty of people make celebs and whatnot
  4. Mad Men Fats 

    in order
    Jessica Pare "Megan Calvet"
    Christina Hendricks "Joan Hollaway"
    January Jones "Betty Draper"
    Alison Brie "Trudy Campbell"

    Didn't add Keirnan Shipka "Sally Draper" because she was a kid during Mad Men and I didn't feel Like adding Peyton List "Jane Sterling" either 

    Mad Men girls.PNG

  5. some more fats I made


    both Peyton Lists

    90s actresses " Amy Smart, Denise Richards, Neve Campbell

    Pink Power Ranger

    2 Fat Peyton Lists.PNG

    90s babes.PNG

    Pink Ranger.PNG

    1. AthleteTurnedFatty


      I wished that’s how the pink power ranger looked in the show 

  6. Some more Fats I made

    Capture deni.PNG

    Capture al.PNG

    Capture C.PNG

    Capture k.PNG

    Capture mi.PNG

    Capture dfghgfv.PNG

    1. Hutsegepruts


      What program did you use?

  7. made a fat Miranda Lawson in Virt-a-Mate

    Capture 1.PNG

    Capture 2.PNG

    Capture 3.PNG

    1. riptoryx


      Wouldn't be sad to see more of this. ;)👍

    2. IAmGivingBadAdvice
    3. riptoryx


      The sweats-and-bra look is particularly on-point. 😁 I doubt it'd be easy (or advisable) for her get that signature hexagon-patterned outfit in such a size. And goodness knows the original wouldn't still fit!

  8. Anyway to bring back this thread
  9. Bought a bunch of these to paint
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