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  1. Hey guys I just posted my very first clip on curvage and I'd love for you to check it out Its a big booty video of me at my work after hours, your personal secretary shows off her bootay
  2. ALSO just posted my first clip on the site
  3. Check out my very first clip here on CURVAGE,

    Your personal secretary showing you some big booty action


  4. This is my very first video here on the site, In this video dressed as your personal secretary I stay late after hours to show you my booty What you do next I can only imagine Hope you enjoy and leave me some feedback either way so I can improve


  5. YAY I just got accepted as a model here on the site I'm new to everything but I figured I would open up by sharing a bunch of my pic, I'm big into cosplay and roleplay feel free to DM me if you want and if you have suggestions for video content I should make
  6. If you got a liking for Office Ladies or Secretaries then please see my attached content LOL Any feedback is always appreciated
  7. Hey Guys I go by the account name Chubby Chibi I'm a plus sized cosplayer who does all sorts of content I've been at it for a few years but there is a bit of struggle gaining traction I randomly stumbled on this site via someone I follow on instagram Anyway I hope I am welcome here
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