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  1. BBW bubble bath video still up, sensual and soft

    Watch out for the next one this week ❤️

  2. my belly is still growing but my thighs and ass are thick and luscious, just enjoying some more of my photos tonight - 




    1. Rebeljoe


      You are smoking Hot.

    2. Boosh


      Absolutely gorgeous😍

  3. and one more for the fun of it - remember i am still growing! eating like a pig tonight....


    1. cai man

      cai man

      Delicious curves! 

  4. BBW Bubble Bath is finally up! Check it out :) and feast your eyes on this! 


    1. cai man

      cai man

      Truly Beautiful.

    2. Rebeljoe


      Amazing I'd love to bury my face in your Ass.

  5. Version 1.0.0

    Watch me sensually bathe in a warm bubble bath as I rub my soft tummy, run my hand over my chest and tug on my thick thighs. Imagine your hands grabbing my soft curves and rubbing all over my smooth body. The bubble bath is falling into the curves of my ass and foaming up my back. The suds feel so good between my thighs rubbing together. I love the way my newly formed curves feel. You are watching me, feeling yourself growing excited as I reach over to take your other hand. I place it softly against my tummy and direct it to the small of my back where I have it slide down to feel the round shape of my ass. I move your hand towards my inner thighs...your other hand is nowhere to be seen...


  6. Sorry for the delay folks! I've been having some issues getting my content uploaded because of my computer - bubble bath, baking cupcakes and more! keep an eye out for some new videos posted soon! 

  7. Trying on tight clothes. New video will be up shortly 😘



  8. Version 1.0.0

    I'm getting so fat for my clothes..nothing fits anymore! I can barely button my jeans and my belly is starting to spill over everything, squeezing me all over. My ass is jiggling out of my undies and my shorts are riding me. I'm getting huge!!! Watch my video to see me struggle to fit into my too tight clothes..


  9. Next video up will be a too tight clothing change - really looking forward to showing you all - I made my boyfriend the guinea pig for this shoot before I decided to post and he was hard for the whole video, he told me he couldnt resist touching himself to it this morning - planning to have it up and ready for you all by tonight! ❤️

  10. My first video ever is up and ready for more views, stuffing my greedy mouth...I want you to stuff me until I can't fill up anymore. Even if I feel like I'm going to explode, I'm a greedy pig sucking it all down.

    I'm feeling so sexy I'm ready to make another...tonight I'm belly rubbing in the bathtub with bubble bath...

    I love rubbing my big thighs and tubby belly. It really is growing plumper everyday. My squishy ass is soft and full. My inner thighs jiggle when I touch them. I can't stop touching myself all over and feeling those new curves forming... 







  11. I'm getting so fat! First video is on the way and more to come.



    1. dm125


      I've been pouting all day today, there isn't anything good to eat in my house! :( i'm ready to make my next video but I can't do it on an empty stomach! 

  12. Version 1.0.0

    I've been gaining a lot of weight recently and my appetite is increasing every day. By the time lunch was over, I'd stuffed my growing belly with 1 whole meat loaf, 2 ham and cheese hot pockets, a container of spaghetti, 3 chocolate fruit bars, some baked apples, tortilla chips, 3 hot dogs, and a loaf of bread dipped in olive oil. A couple of hours later I was hungry again 😕 Watch me snack on some turkey leg, apple turnovers, and some cheese and pasta before dinner.


  13. And another tummy rub from last night...


  14. Boyfriend doesn't know i'm posting this yet but he gave me tummy rubbing last night and it felt so good, I wanted to share with you all 


  15. Website Registration?  How much does it cost and how do I join?

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