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  1. Sale on my bloated dancing, beer drinking, ripping my tights until my new stuffing video comes out this week! Get it while its hottttt ❤️💋


  2. Watch as I try to squeeze my big butt and thick thighs into my medium-sized black tights. OH NO! They ripped! NOT AGAIN!! I knew they would fit too snug after my recent weight gain. Fuck it! I keep them on, drink a beer and dance with a bloated tummy to some sultry jazz music. Little does anyone know, I had 3 beers before this 4th one! There's a mirror so you can see me from multiple angles while I jiggle and prance around. My belly is bulging on the sides and front, my fat is poking out of the ripped holes, I slowly rub my body, squeeze my curves and fantasize about all the things you are about to do to me....


  3. I have always found fetishes to be extremely interesting. Someone i knew who has been in many fetish scenes for years, once told me that a fetish means it is the ONLY WAY a person can become aroused. Meaning, you would not be able to achieve an erection or an orgasm unless the specific fetish was fulfilled. Sometimes we call something fetish when maybe it is preference? That being said, why fight something you naturally enjoy? There are so many people in this world, you can have preferences about their personality and their physicality. However, it doesn't mean trying to force them to change to meet your physical preference either. If having this preference is causing problems in your life and you want to change it, there is no harm in exploring more in sexuality than just your specific desire, either. For example, you said you have a gf now, she may be putting on more weight (which is great!) but sexuality can go beyond solely the physical aspects of another person. I agree with the comments about manning up and recognizing a preference. Tough love. If you truly believe you would not be sexually fulfilled or unable to perform sexually with a woman who was not fat / obese, you need to work to get over your conflict with the social stigma yourself. You can't expect an obese woman to also follow the same diet regimen and fitness plan as you. If the fetish isn't changing, your mentality about the reasons you won't be in a romantic relationship with a fat / obese woman should change. I am in a relationship with someone who had this fetish before meeting me. He believed it was the only way he could be "fully aroused." I was 44 lbs lighter than I am now, around 135 lbs now i am 179 lbs and we were able to have sex before I gained the weight. However, before he revealed his fetish to me, he made up other reasons for why he wasn't sure if he could get an erection like "being too tired" and "having poor circulation." He said these things because he was afraid of telling me the truth at the time. AND he had it in his head that this was the only way he could have an erection. This was before ever knowing he enjoyed big women. Hey, I like men with large penises, does this mean I have a problem if I don't want to be with someone without one? Preference. Let go of hangups.
  4. Watch me shake my new weight gain (162 to 179.9 lbs!) to hip hop and R&B, little mirror action going on so you can see me from multiple angles! Hope you enjoy the sweat between my butt cheeks, I was sweating like a fat piggie 🐷 This is what happens when you are curvy and dancing!


  5. I just moved to the southwest when I met my boyfriend. We’ve only been dating for a week and one day, I needed to borrow his phone to look up a recipe online because my phone battery died. I love to cook and I wanted to make us a special meal that night. He got really nervous when I picked up his phone and immediately I thought the worst. We never had the “talk” about monogamy so I figured he might be seeing other people. He reassured me this wasn’t the case but he asked me to “please not go through his pictures.” I wondered what skeletons (or piggies!) he had in his closet but I didn’t want to pry. We went on vacation together a few more weeks into our relationship. We were still getting to know each other but he said there was something he was afraid to tell me and he didn’t know when or how. He said it was something he has revealed to his past girlfriends and they had some issues with it. I knew he was into horror movies so I was hoping it wasn’t something gruesome like wanting to cut me up into little pieces or make voodoo dolls out of my skin! He slowly started to reveal things. Clues as to what it was. He said he “likes to spoil women” and he “likes to be teased.” He wanted me to “tease him with my curves.” He had some problems in the bedroom becoming fully erect at times and I didn’t understand why. He said it definitely wasn’t my fault but it was because of the things he has enjoyed sexually since he was a teenager. I was always very fit and trim my entire life. When we met eachother I put on a tiny bit of weight but nothing too noticable. With the little weight I did have, I noticed during sex, he would firmly grip onto my love handles, caress the blubber on my thighs and he would jiggle the fat on my body. When I said I wanted to get an ab roller one day to workout, his face became flushed and he looked like he was going to faint! I finally needed to know what this damn secret was and I assured him I would not judge him for it. He then showed me this site, curvage, and I was astounded! I was relieved his fetish revolved around appreciating the thick and curvaceous bodies of women. I love to eat too so it was double excitement! He said a few years back, he saw a magazine poking fun at Anna Nicole Smith for gaining weight. When he saw it, he was intrigued and he grew rock hard from how big she had gotten. He was a part of the feeder / feedee community for almost 7 years before we met. He was so happy when he found out curvage was back because it disappeared for a little while. He has an extensive collection of illustrations by artists of large women in costumes. He couldn’t resist going onto the website for his pleasure when I was out of town for a month. I knew this fetish wasn’t just going to go away so I joined in! I was always very shy about gaining weight. I remember when I was 40 lbs smaller than I am now, I was embarrassed to wear bikinis because I thought I looked too big. This was a great opportunity for me to embrace my natural shape and god-given curves at any size. I started to really enjoy when he would buy me treats like cupcakes and ice cream. He would watch me eat and caress my tummy as I stuffed them into my mouth at the same time. A week or so after seeing curvage, I knew I wanted to be a curvage model. He was happy to let me use his account. Fortunately, I finally changed the name to CASSANDRA CRAVES. He provides the food and snacks, I do the rest. Plus, he gets the first peek into my new videos before they are posted. I was thrilled to see the beautiful and sexy people on this site showing off their hot curvy bodies and those who are appreciating them. Now, even if we broke up, I would still be gaining and post content on here! I love being able to show my fans how much I’ve grown and my new piggy ways. My greedy mouth, my thick thighs and my jiggling belly will make you rock hard giving you that mouth-watering look I love seeing on my feeders face. It feels sooooo good to know you all love my curves just as much as I do! XOXO Cassandra Craves ❤️
  6. Watch my tummy shake, my butt jiggle and my thighs vibrate to belly dancing music as I put on a sexxxy dance and strip tease for you. I love when you watch me feel on my curves and strut my stuff in my new thicker body. It turns me on soooo much. I get horny even watching myself! All this moving around makes a naughty girl very hungry so I stuff my greedy mouth with pizzza afterwards. Enjoy ❤️


  7. Stuffing myself full of fries and a spicy chicken sandwich in my ultra tight jean shorts that used to fit only a little snug a few months ago ❤️


  8. I love teasing you with my curves, they feel soooo good clinging to my thick thighs and hips, my tummy pokes out from my belly shirt, I know you like what you see, now come over here so you can feel all over my soft body I wanted this to be free for all of you sweethearts, but the "clip store is for selling things" so I went as low as I reasonably could ❤️


  9. Watch as I attempt to workout (again!) and fail, I stuff my greedy little mouth full of pasta and sauce instead. I rub my soft tummy as it pokes out from my belly shirt. Am I naughty girl scout out of cookies or a former tennis player to big for my old tennis shorts? You decide...Cassandra Craves being your fantasy


  10. Version 1.0.0

    I totally tried a little bit harder with this workout attempt, that's why you can hear me moaning and groaning 😉 Leggings are a little beat up since they are from my skinny days, I gave up after the 3rd or fourth crunch, i'll try again next week...


  11. Version 1.0.0

    This is part I of a series of workout attempt / fail videos. Watch me try a very, very slight workout attempt. I am just not in the shape I used to be. I was a total health and fitness nut a few years ago. Take a look at my before photos on my profile. I was 125 lbs and I woke up every morning at 5AM to go to the gym before work. Now I am tugging on my jiggling tummy and rubbing my soft curves. Giving up in a few seconds to sit on the couch and watch TV instead. I went up 3 lbs since my last weigh in at 162 lbs. I am still growing! Trust me, stuffing my greedy little mouth is way more fun than doing leg lifts 🙂 enjoy!


  12. Version 1.0.0

    Watch me filling my belly, stuffing my greedy mouth full of fast food while I squeeze on my fat and rub my soft tummy. I ate a spicy chicken sandwich, a jr. cheeseburger, 4 chicken nuggets, an order of fries and slurped it all down with a drink. Burping included!


  13. Version 1

    You start feeding me - everything you give me, I put into my mouth. I want you to stuff me until I can’t fill up anymore. Even if I feel like I’m going to explode, you don’t stop giving me more and more. I’m a greedy pig sucking it all down. You caress my fat belly and slap my big jiggling thighs. I bashfully take another bite. You rub my bloated tummy and squeeze my chubby body. I’m getting so fat! I tease you with my curves while I feel you growing more excited by the second. I am a tubby piggy but you can’t keep your hands off of my growing body…


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