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  1. My hottt physical therapist got laid off so I am not going to physical therapy EVER AGAIN!! I quit! Back pain and getting fat is what it is now. Its like the only reason i even let real working out happen. Never again. ❤️

    1. Muted Decor

      Muted Decor

      sorry to hear that :( was it at least helping you out some? What is your plan gonna be now?

  2. SOS! I am reaching out to the curvage community for some financial assistance right now! 

    My roommate left the house and shut off my electricity and my water, I have to find a new place to live and I only have a short amount of time to do it. There is a national health crisis and I am in dire straits right now, please help if you can! 

    You can help by buying my videos and / or sending me a private message and I can give you my paypal information. Thank you guys in advance! Any help will be APPRECIATED! 

    xoxo Cassandra Craves

  3. Hi Everyone! 

    I'm giving an extended bonus today of 4 more hours for my $4.99 and less on EVERY one of my curvage videos!! 

    If you havent gotten them yet, the time is now!! 

    XoXo Cassandra Craves

  4. The clock is ticking...i just want to make sure everyone gets a chance to have ALL of my curvage videos at $4.99 or less! Enjoy ❤️

  5. TODAY is the last day on my $4.99 sale for every curvage video of yours truly! Prices are going back tomorrow, enjoy ❤️

  6. One more day!!! until all of my videos go from $4.99 back to normal prices ❤️

  7. Who wants to see me doing my at-home physical therapy exercises because I got TOO FAT TOO FASt in a skimpy outfit this week?? ❤️


    1. grateful


      Yes please!  😍❤️😁

  8. UPDATE! Im going to physical therapy for the next 4 weeks because the muscles and nerves near and around my spine are causing me to have severe lower back pain! Yessss gaining  sooo much weight in such a short timespan can have its painful moments!!

    But...on the upside, ill see if I can film one of my appointments for my curvage fans!! Its going to strengthen my body but its not going to shed any pounds..heheh

    XOXO Cassandra Craves

  9. Yes!! Still $4.99 on every single video Ive ever created for curvage until this sunday!! No better way to spend your time cooped up in the house...plus mama needs a cheeseburger with like 10 sides of fries with that because this virus stress is making Cassandra Craves a hungry, hungry girl!!

  10. Now i am getting tired and lazy and hungry...$4.99 on every single one of my videos until sunday...from all of the $12.99 videos to to the $5.99 videos... isn't putting so much pricing a bit tacky? I guess I am tack-centralllllll.... If we are going to be locked inside, we may as well enjoy our time together..yes, I talk about gaining, yes, I attempt to get fit, yes, I dance jiggling these new luscious curves everywhere...I am embracing this weight that seriously just gained another 3 lbs in like 3 fucking days! Ugh, once its on it does not stop...its sexy and its real and its honestly, insecurities embracing the new and trying to be the old me with all this excess fat, don't know how and don't know why, but i'm doing what i can to show the REAL me even behind all the facade....<3 


    1. grateful


      Thank you!  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. yea that's right, I am stacking my belly fat and staying thick, if there's a food shortage, you best believe EL DIABLO is not going hungry!! ❤️ play your role, and don't fuck with the BEAST!! 

    Every dollar you give is here to support my fatass and the many feeders who want to see it grow ❤️


    crazy face 01.jpg








    1. Hush


      I love each one of your faces in a different way

    2. grateful


      Gorgeous!   😍❤️🥰

      Thanks for the lovely pics!  😊

  12. HAVE NO FEAR!!

    The many masks we wear throughout our everyday lives....hiding our secrets.....our deep dark fetishes...becoming those we wish we weren't....

    El Diablo is greedy, devilish and fucking HUNGRY.... am i too fat? I have gotten really FUCKING FAT this past year! I can't even walk around in a tank top without it riding my pudgy belly or a goddamn pair of shorts without them curling up around my inner thighs and big ass! WAAAAAY tooooo thick....

    If you want to see me make a FAT & GREEDY video in my devil mask...raise your hand, one at a time... please...




    1. grateful


      Fantastic!  😍😆

      Thanks for the great pic!  😁

  13. =I'm only going to do this $4.99 for every video I've ever made, EVER on curvage until this sunday because I have to make mooola too! But this is my gift to you because let's face it...what else is there to do all day but watch hot videos of thick women being greedy and gaining weight!

    This lockdown has me super hungry too....what else is there to do all day but stuff my fat face?? and YES! my weight shot up another 3 lbs already and we've only been indoors for a few days, at least here in arizona! <333

  14. In *LIGHT* of the lockdown quarantine for the coronavirus, I made ALL OF MY VIDEOS $4.99! Yes, every single one! Except for the teaser video which is still only $1.99!

    I figure what better way to spend being a shut-in, locked inside our homes than checking out FAT & SEXY videos of THICK BABES getting fatter!

    Love to the feeders and feedees ❤️ 




    so cute .jpg

    profile photo 01.jpg

    1. grateful


      Thanks!  😍🥰❤️😊

  15. I'm running a sale on my 3 most purchased video clips for 3 days only! Get em while their HOTTTT!! ❤️ going as low as $3.99 for one, big ups and big love to you all! 






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