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  1. take your pick this week -  



  2. Stuffing myself full of fries and a spicy chicken sandwich in my ultra tight jean shorts that used to fit only a little snug a few months ago ❤️


  3. first two shots are from when I first started, second two shots are now 

    first shorts 02.jpg

    first shorts.jpg

    second shorts 02.jpg

    second shorts.jpg

  4. 20190515_132546.jpg




    1. fattony20


      You weren't joking, those do look snug

    2. abe2747`


      The tight bra pushing into your sides 👌 is it a struggle to get it hooked now? 

  5. Spicy chicken sandwich and fries stuffing in my jean shorts coming soon, the jean shorts are from my first clips ever posted - yes they are definitely much smaller!!! Take a look at the pics on my profile to see the difference ❤️

  6. Workout attempt and stuffing ❤️

  7. Curvy Teaser $1.00 video up, as appreciation to all those supporting curvy and big women! A little belly dancing and teasing ❤️ 


  8. Watch this good girl pack on a few more pounds with pasta and sauce after she attempts to work out and fails for a 3rd time! Workout Attempt Part III + Tummy Rubs / Stuffing will be up and ready very soon for your viewing pleasure ❤️  




  9. I love teasing you with my curves, they feel soooo good clinging to my thick thighs and hips, my tummy pokes out from my belly shirt, I know you like what you see, now come over here so you can feel all over my soft body I wanted this to be free for all of you sweethearts, but the "clip store is for selling things" so I went as low as I reasonably could ❤️


  10. Watch as I attempt to workout (again!) and fail, I stuff my greedy little mouth full of pasta and sauce instead. I rub my soft tummy as it pokes out from my belly shirt. Am I naughty girl scout out of cookies or a former tennis player to big for my old tennis shorts? You decide...Cassandra Craves being your fantasy


  11. My Curvy Teaser video is pending approval, I wanted it to be free but the clip store is for selling things so I went as reasonably low as I could! Its sexy ❤️ 

    I plan to do more in that style, workout attempt part III + belly play / stuffing will follow this video!! 



    1. Lardfiller


      You would be a sexy belly dancer 🐽

    2. Cassandra Craves

      Cassandra Craves

      Why thank you! Ill make a full video soon ❤️

  12. get ready for workout attempt part III + belly rubs in my naughty girl scout outfit - there were no more cookies so i had to stuff myself with pasta instead! 



  13. Curvy Teaser - free video coming today ❤️




    1. Cassandra Craves

      Cassandra Craves

      hey guys, i just want to apologize, it can't be free if its on the clip site but I made it only $1.00! Its pending now! 

    2. Cassandra Craves
  14. I am putting up a free teasing video for everyone, let's call it a teaster 😉 it is short but sweet - plus if you remember my skirt from my second fridge rad video, you will see that i've grown since then! Workout attempt Part III + tummy rubs will be following that ❤️ much love 

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