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  1. coolidge1000

    My partners joined in I think

    Hi Dr feeder let me azure you I do make my children eat healthy and in the right quantities. But she's more happy sitting down with her mum and trying to force her outside only ends in her bawling her eyes out.. She has a few friend s and they are bigger children as well so I'm a bit like if she's happy and healthy let them do what they enjoy but I do not feed stuff ect nor do I do that to my partner , I don't even encourage her to over eat she does what makes her happy and I just enjoy the offerings
  2. coolidge1000

    My partners joined in I think

    Yes im hoping so , the other point is she hasnt upgraded her wardrobe much so its lovely seing her in clothes that are to small and watching her belly fall out during eating. She normally has take out atleast once a day .we talked about all this last night and the fact my 7 yr old daughter is following alot of her mums traits, its not so much there both intentionally gaining they just seam to eat alot of junk food lol. Il keep everyone posted on how its going and hopefully get some more recent pictures
  3. Hi my partner has always hated fat not wanted to be fat or anything until 18 months ago she discovered my fetish since then she's gained approx ,30kgs I haven't said or encouraged her nor have I discouraged her , she likes being cuddled a lot more and places my hand on the underside of her little belly hang. Her boobs have grown huge and she's gotten fat all over and doesn't seam to care , intact a few weeks ago we were talking and she asked if she wasnt fat enough for me lol,I just told get she's beautiful no matter what she weighs . I'm just confused how this all happens bearing in mind I've not once asked her to gain weight