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  1. daleanator

    Bikini Chug, Burps N Play

    I can't seem to view the video. It may have had a bad upload.
  2. daleanator

    Anne Hathaway

  3. daleanator

    Sasha Pieterse

    I'm glad you made a super cut because this movie seems awful.
  4. daleanator

    Ariel Winter (from Modern Family)

    It looks like she is about to fire off a kamehameha in the last photo.
  5. daleanator

    Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

    Yeah someone mentioned curvage on there too and she acknowledged it...some people never learn. You can watch the stream still I think it is around the 32 minute mark.
  6. daleanator

    TV WG Stories

    You need to make an account. It will work then.
  7. daleanator

    Anyone know who this beauty is?

    Missporker, she is on tumblr and youtube.
  8. daleanator

    Big Brother weight gain

    She looks like Foggy Nelson.
  9. daleanator

    Give very detailed in-depth reviews of these 5 videos

    This whole thing is really strange. You are oddly polite yet very demanding...are you an Anime villain?
  10. daleanator

    Hunter McGrady

    Apparently everything.
  11. daleanator

    Kim KardASShian

    That police officer in the second pic, he knows what's going on.
  12. daleanator

    Kelly Clarkson

    Wow I do believe this is the biggest we've seen Kelly! And Trisha Yearwood looks like she has packed on some of the pounds she lost too.
  13. daleanator

    A new comic from me

    The first page of chapter 5 is up.
  14. daleanator

    Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

    According to her blog, she is up to a size 8, and she is putting less focus on fitness now as she tours Europe. She also mentioned that she didn't care at she was a size 8 and has learned to accept it. Sooo good news I guess.
  15. daleanator

    Kerry Katona

    What!?! That's awesome!