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    Stuffing an extra 100 lbs into a dress is quite the feat. If you had eaten anything at all you may not be able to do it. I really wonder what it will look like with another 100 lbs. You may not be able to button any single button. Every button on the dress is already strained to it's limit. What is insane is imagining if the fit you could see the fat you, could you even recognize yourself? With that big wobbly belly sticking out, straining buttons? The more weight you pack onto your tiny frame, the more spherical you become. However, this video shows hints of a future. A flabbier belly weighing you down, thighs stuck together, oozing out of all your clothes. There is no denying it, you got fat and are getting fatter.
  1. Idea 3 and 18 sound great! Actually, they all sound good.
  2. daleanator

    Bebe Rexha

    She said in a live stream a few pages back she was 150.
    It is amazing watching Shar going from a thin model into an obese one. In the second half of this video you can really notice how large her stomach is getting. Would recommend this video.
  3. I can't seem to view the video. It may have had a bad upload.
  4. I'm glad you made a super cut because this movie seems awful.
  5. It looks like she is about to fire off a kamehameha in the last photo.
  6. Yeah someone mentioned curvage on there too and she acknowledged it...some people never learn. You can watch the stream still I think it is around the 32 minute mark.
  7. daleanator

    TV WG Stories

    You need to make an account. It will work then.
  8. Missporker, she is on tumblr and youtube.
  9. This whole thing is really strange. You are oddly polite yet very demanding...are you an Anime villain?
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