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    Sexy curvaceous women gaining weight and obsessing about their gain. Love to watch thin girls blossom into BBWs . Gaining Feedee Video clips

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  1. These pics are so freaking hot . It’s like what happens when a skinny but kinky goth girls fattens to curvaceous perfection.
    Ero hime is one of the sexiest weight gain models on Curvage . She is so sexy and so seductive that any self respecting feeder would desire her . She has fattened up beautifully over time . When I saw her first video years ago she was way too skinny for me . That is no longer the case .She’s a big woman now and she is so hot . In this clip she is force fed messy spaghetti and sauce . Ero hime is a feedee force of nature .
    I have been meaning to do a Review of an Anna Oli clip for some time now . Anna might be the ultimate feedee model. She is has it all . Ass , hips , thundering thighs a gorgeous fattened belly and an a voracious appetite that would please any feeder . I love watching her stuff her face and fatten up even more . Thin curvage model take note . This is what a fat gorgeous Queen looks looks like . She will totally satisfy your feeder instincts. highly recommend
    I have watched quite a few of Savannahs sexy video clips . She is so sexy and lately she has packed on the pounds . It’s such a turn on . Her thighs and belly have gotten massive. Her breasts are enormous now and her face has filled out beautifully. Her ass looks bigger and wider than every . Girl has plain out fattened up. I don’t think she gets enough credit. She is gorgeous and one of the best on curvage . Her recent gains make her irresistible. You will love her . Highly recommend her clips .
    I love sexy Bae. She was one of the first models that I reviewed back to n July of 2021. Back then she was on the thin side but she wanted more . She has fattened up considerably since that time and looks amazing with her big belly and sexy curves . She’s got a bit of a double chin now and the way she talks in this clip you believe she’s your girl showing how nice and plump she has gotten as she runs her sexy long fingers up and down her big chubby belly . Then she shows you how nice and plump her ass is getting . She’s into her gain and it comes through on the clip . I love the way she’s filling out and by next year who knows how big this sexy feedee will get . You will love her sexy voice and blossoming body. Highly recommend
    My first Mamahorker clip and I loved it. This hot mama is so soft and sexy . She has got a bod that will knock you out and leave you asking for more . A delicious fattened belly , hips , ass and thighs all massive and gorgeous. Mama is the woman you hope and prey your skinny girlfriend grows into . Fat, Sexy bold and unapologetic. Her face is gorgeous and she knows what you want and need to see from her . She is a master of the art . Fat , sexy snd seductive. Belly drops , ass for days . Highly recommend
  2. Wow ,Looking great . Beautiful gain
    This sexy goddess is not to be missed. In my over i year on Curvage I have purchased and watched hundreds of clips for dozens of models. Though all our girls are special/ wonderful some have an erotic gift . Godess Gutton has the gift. A bod to blow your mind and one of the sexiest voices you have heard. She is a talented actress as well and amazing at role play. She is so naughty and seductive in this clip that she reels you in like hooked fish. With an ass and hips worth fighting a war over this model brings you in to her seductive world. Though she is fairly new on Curvage she is one one of the best. Great Clip . Highly recommend.
    Whenever a sexy Curvage model acts out your fantasies ya need to buy the clip and post a review. In this clip the very sexy Kelly acts out one of my personal all time favorites. Her man has gone away on business and when he returns he finds that his significant other has fattened up substantially. He’s been trying to get her to gain for a while now and she surprises his with a nice big fat belly and lots of extra pounds . She teases him a bit and let’s him know she will get even fatter for him . What an awesome home coming . I was really feeling Kelly in this . Great clip . Highly recommend
  3. Feel better my lovely . Did not be discouraged . There is only one of you on this earth .
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