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    Sexy curvaceous women gaining weight and obsessing about their gain. Love to watch thin girls blossom into BBWs . Gaining Feedee Video clips

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    I usually don't purchase clips from thin girls until they have packed on some significant pounds. But Rose has a good history on Curvage as a dedicated feedee and i wanted to give her benefit of the doubt. She also has the perfect bod for fattening. So lets see if skinny Rose can break the skinny habit and fatten up again. Maybe this time for keeps. In this clip she admits to losing a lot weight although she does not say why. She is eating Mcdonalds pretty aggressively and her appetite seems to remain in tact . She really does have amazing fattening potential and could plump up beautifully if she really goes for it. She is very sexy and even thinner she has some great curves to get her started. So lets see if this sexy beauty can feed herself back to Curvage royalty. I'm hoping this time she gets really fat and sassy. I gave her 5 stars for starting her new journey. Eat my lovely . Eat.
    My first Chyy clip purchase and review is long overdo. Chyy does not disappoint. She is so sexy, wonderfully plump and so luscious. I have watched her posts and eagerly waited as she packed on the pounds. In this clip she stuffs that pretty face full of cheesy tots and shows off her beautiful growing belly and enormous chest . Her seductive voice keeps you captivated as she speaks the words you want to hear from her sexy mouth. Her profile shots show off how nice and wide shes gotten. My how she has grown. Love her sexy body and veracious appetite. Great clip. Highly recommend.
  1. Looking so thick and gorgeous. Loving your gain.Just reviewed one of your clips. Amazing .
    Lindsee is one if the most drop dead gorgeous women on Curvage. In this video clip she shows her off her substantial assets . She has a body truly worthy of worship . I originally was impressed by her sexy way and Hugh belly but in this clip she shows us that she’s got it all. Massive thighs hips and ass for days that will knock you out . Dial in her big boobs and drop dead gorgeous face and behold the seductive goddess she has become. Love her sexy ways and how she has fattened herself to perfection.
    I love Ledas smoken hot video clips. In this clip Leda seduces you with her new found feedee obsession . She shows you how nice and fat she is getting for you and it’s a serious turn on . She has really fattened up so nicely since the last clip I purchased and it wasn’t that long ago . Leda has a sexy seductive quality about her that will drive you out of your mind with delight. I watched this video 2 times now and I still have not made it to completion of the clip . It’s just that hot . She speaks feedee fluently and with such an impressive gain I can’t get enough of her. Amazing clip . Highly recommend to all you feeders .
  2. Wow , You have really filled out nicely . Keep that ass growing . Looking great.
    Kat never disappoints. This set has some great angles of her many moods and appetites . She has been hard at work packing on the pounds as evident in this pic set . She just gets sexier with every pound . Love Kats sexy way . The camera loves her as well .
    Kinky Curvy Kat is one of the sexiest and creative models on Curvage . A favorite of mine for sure . In this clip Kat shows off her recent gain in a very hot role play. She wakes you with breakfast and to show off her recently fattened body. You will love the extra pounds she’s packed on .Her belly has grown so nicely as she taunts you with sexy belly play . Her thighs have thickened substantially and her ass is growing bigger and wider . Her gain flatters her figure in every way . . Even Her face is filling in with gorgeous chub and there’s just so much more to love about this mysterious beauty Kat has so many looks and moods . She consistently puts out awesome content . Highly recommend.
  3. Good girl . Your starting to fill out nicely .
  4. Welcome my dear . Such a cute face . If only yuu were fatter .
  5. Just reviewed one of your clips . Loved it . Your on a roll.
    The longer I am on Curvage it seems the bigger the woman I crave . This clip by Freya satisfies me in every way . I love the POV that makes you feel like your hot , fat girlfriend is on top of you saying all the things you want to hear . Even if you’ve got a nice fattened girl friend she’s probably not going to indulge your wildest feeder impulses. Freya will. She’s amazing in this clip. Her gorgeous belly and huge breasts bounce up and down and all around . Everything about her says F me. I love her fattened body and pretty face. She’s a master . Freya also explores one of my favorite fantasies of fattening a girl up by sexing her up . It’s such a turn on . These thin girls on Curvage might one day fatten up but it’s a woman of size , power and beauty that rocks my world . Great clip Freya. Highly recommend.
  6. Eat all your food my lovely and you won’t be pint sized for long .
  7. Oh My .Rosie is getting so nice and fat .
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