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    Sexy curvaceous women gaining weight and obsessing about their gain. Love to watch thin girls blossom into BBWs . Gaining Feedee Video clips

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    Well it seems Kandii is growing nicely and she looks spectacular in her latest clip . It’s very exiting to see this beautiful model packing on the pounds again . In this clip she tries some heavy cream to enchance that wonderful figure. It’s seems to be working . She is getting nice and plump. Can’t wait to see even more of her . What a goddess she would be .
    I am Long over due on reviewing this gorgeous model . I have watched her posts for some time and watched her grow big and beautiful. She has grown her amazing curves to become one of the sexiest women of Curvage . in this clip you get a sense for how those curves would look and feel with Lauren on top . Well all I have to say she is mesmerizing , sensual and tantalizing in this wonderful clip. Hips and ass abound . Her hips have widened to perfection. One of the curviest drop dead dream bods you can imagine . This was my first review of many with her clips .
    Love every Jasmine clip . She goes all out with her great ideas and her sexy curvy bod is knockout . In this clip she teases us a bit and gives us an idea of what we crave from her . She exudes sensuality in her movements and eye contact . She is a natural model. I love her thickening thighs widened hips and growing ass . Great content as always . You can’t go wrong with her sexy clips .
    Very sexy model . Great to see her plumping up so nicely .
    I really enjoy Drunkwa 1 fu daddy pleasing clips . I have seen quite a few of them. In this clip our favorite bimbo shows off her growing figure and whispers all words an FA /feeder wants to hear .Shes fattened up fattened up quite impressively but she wants to get even bigger for you .Her Euro accent is very sexy and she is filling out so nicely . Her belly is getting bigger with a second roll coming in . Her thighs are growing plump . Always want to see more from her.
    Loved this clip. This was My first Mali clip and I am really impressed with her . This Is a very sexy role play and Mali expresses the whole ordeal through her beautiful eyes . Her growing belly looks plump and luscious. You want to feed and fatten her. I would love to see this as series of clips . The possibilities are endless. If Mali does a series of these while gaining in real time it will be the ultimate feeder fantasy .
  1. Thanks for providing so much great content. I really enjoyed your creative and sexy clips over the past year i have been on Curvage . You will be missed.
    Another great episode . Casey is providing a wonderful service to the Curvage community .I love the questions and answers segment and her take in the the Feedee spectrum. Also liked her answer regarding monetizing .Authenticity is important in this community and Casey is Authentic in all her content . I think a big part of her success on Curvage is because she is not in it for the money and that comes through . She also does a great job with music and production of her podcast . Can’t wait for episode 3.
    I am so happy that this podcast exists. Amazing job .Casey is providing a needed commentary and a dose of reality to the Curvage community. So many of us have had interesting journeys into the world of feedism. In this first episode Casey Talks about the beginnings of her journey and what brought her to where she is today . Can’t wait to see how this podcast grows and develops.
    undderlyaddorable has a magnificent pear shaped body that features one of the most impressive rear views on Curvage or the rest of planet for that matter . In this sexy clip she teases her ex boyfriend with her newly expanded figure. She remembers not being big enough for him and has tripled her size to measure up. . In this clip Zoey strips down to show her bo what hes been missing . She looks so plump and amazing . She reminds him that he could have been the one to fatten her up and hints that he missed out on her initial gain. But she tells him not to feel too bad and that she will get as fat as he wants her. Well isn't that what we all want. A Great role play clip from a very sexy model.
    This is my 5th or 6th BigAssBBW clip . I m starting to lose count. I cant get enough of this sexy SSBBW feedee . Loved this clip. This goddess has the dream bod your hungry for. Massive and amazing thighs ,belly and ass, with a sexy smile and bedroom eyes. She captivates you with her insatiable appetite and dedication of a true feedee.
    Loved this playful and sexy Q and A. Candice and Jen make great couple and its nice to have a little reality thrown in the mix of our curvage fantasies. Once skinny Jen is fattening so nicely and Candice is the proud feeder visibly turned on by Jens gain. In the past i have commented that Candice better hit the buffet hard cause Jens gonna catch up fast. Well now im impressed with Candice who is looking wider and more luscious than ever. Both girls are looking plump and gorgeous.Cant wait to watch my next clip of this cute couple.
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