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    Her belly is so round she looks pregnant. And the view from below is something to behold.
    For a first Instructions for Satisfaction she does a great job. Right off the bat I knew it was going to be some good stimulation, and she is quick to have you whip it out! 😉 She insists you cover her belly, and maybe even her tits with load after load, if you're able to. Wow, such a hot video. Highly recommended. I hope she does more in the future.
    buy this clip! big time good content!! lasted about 9 mins 45 seconds, watching you squeeze your ass into that second pair did it for me 🥵
    Lauren is looking very well fed and we best keep her that way 😁 also I must say, when she does a side view to demonstrate her "bump", the side profile of her thigh is unreal 🤤
    Wonderful clip. I realized that I’ve seen a video of hers before and it’s great to see that she’s making content. Great fat chat and belly play, very hot. Would highly recommend. Oh and she has a really cute voice. :3
    Lauren looks so sexy in her red dress, then strips off into her equally sexy lingerie. Then some fun in the tub. Her ass looks great. Some nice belly rubbing and splashing. Great video, much recommended. Lauren, could I please get "Big Gains and Belly Play"? 😁
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