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  1. 2868

    Sasha Pieterse

    At the premiere of her new show.
  2. 2868

    Aravane Rezai

    Aravane has just played her first tournament since this time last year.
  3. 2868

    Lydia Rose Bewley (Inbetweeners Movie)

    Images from August:
  4. More images. The one where she's smiling directly at the camera was taken last year. I think the others are all from this year.
  5. 2868

    Aravane Rezai

    Recent interview and picture: For comparison, here's a video from 2010:
  6. 2868

    Kether Donohue

    New event.
  7. 2868

    Aravane Rezai

    And here she is in November:
  8. 2868

    Aravane Rezai

    By 2015 she was only playing occasionally:
  9. 2868

    Aravane Rezai

    Aravane Rezai is a French tennis player. Some shots during the prime of her career:
  10. 2868

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    I think the next reply summed it up...
  11. 2868

    Michelle Trachtenberg

    Different/better angles from that event, plus some paparazzi shots from a few days ago.
  12. 2868

    Megan Salinas Afterbuzz host

  13. 2868

    Michelle Trachtenberg

    New pre-Halloween event. This outfit is about as revealing and colourful as anything Michelle wears these days.