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  1. I wanted to make a different kind of story. Instead of a narrative that is told through paragraphs and sentences, I decided to tell a story through a text message thread. This is the story of Mike and Sasha, who just matched on Tinder. They already exchanged pleasantries on the app, so that's why they're so direct via text. I tried to make it look somewhat realistic. I used Photoshop to make it look like they're texting back and forth. Please give it a chance. And I hope you enjoy it!
  2. It won't let me message you directly since I'm still a new member. Is there a way in which you could message me? We could then discuss the details that way.
  3. Do you take commissions? I'd love to pay you to draw something for me.
  4. Hi all, I am looking to commission someone to draw an SSBBW-version of a news host that I like. I really respect her, and I think she's both smart and pretty. I'd love to see a version of her that weighs close to 600 pounds. I know she's on the shorter end, so she'd be pretty fat at 550+ pounds. And just to be clear, I'm looking for a drawing, not a morph. I want to see a cartoon-like drawing of her as an SSBBW. I've attached photos of her that I found online. If you're interested in doing this, please message me directly and we can discuss the terms and payment. Lastly, if this is not the proper place to post this, please tell me where I should post this kind of request. Please and thank you!
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