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  1. Here’s another one https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-qvxpLU3lc0
  2. Since were on the topic of advertisements, here’s one I found a while ago. It’s very brief but I think it’s pretty good. Around 0:15 , the woman with the mustard yellow top.
  3. Wow, do you know those kind of phrases saying “this ruined my childhood”? Well this is like the opposite of that, like I’m feeling things I never thought I’d feel for Pooh bear (I don’t know if that’s concerning or thrilling). Anyways, welcome back 👍.
  4. Why not have both as a sandwich, or “sandwiches” if you’re daring enough.
  5. Karma is a bitch, anyways hope you enjoy your recovery day.
  6. Donuts? I take it you had a late shift in the station then 😏
  7. Yeah, so does that squished seal in the background. (Or maybe they don’t, I can’t tell what that seal is thinking).
  8. Jesus, that belt looks (literally) tight on you Officer; doesn’t it hurt at all, or is that kind of like your persona for this character/outfit idk.
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