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  1. Damnnn those are definitely some fat boobies
  2. Is it only me or does it looks like Kim’s butt is like extra because some extra shorts or like pillow ass under tight pants? Besides that, it also looks like she has some little pits in her ass? I really hope so, cause that means she gets a bit less perfectly shaped and more fat
  3. Some more screenshots from KUWTK of Kim’s giant ass
  4. Found another great screen of Kim in their show! Will definitely show more if I find ones, and there is interest in it ofcourse
  5. Sooo amazing news guys!! Last days we hoped that Jessica would become as big as in her pregnant (glory) days. I saw this article and maybe we can have hope again she will gain some weight in the future. She is tired to watch her weight and just want a 'comfortable' body https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/health/jessica-simpson-says-she-has-every-size-of-jeans-doesnt-let-scale-number-define-weight-loss/%3famp=true
  6. I think we all have our hopes on that haha. Would be amazing to see her and other celebs getting a bit rounder after a certain ages. Letting go on all these diets and working out and just 'enjoy' life, so we can enjoy their lifes as well haha
  7. I know this topic is quite old, but I have found some pictures and I have to share them. Don't know if they were alrewdy posted here (sorry if they were) but these pictures are maybe the best I have ever seen She ripped her clothes while being pregnant
  8. Look at that ass of Kim, damnn! Also I love the fact her boobs are visible outside her top
  9. Made some more screenshots from KUWTK when Kimmy was pregnant, so beautiful to see how her body changed back then
  10. Found some old pictures of Kim being pregnant, damn I miss those days...
  11. Am I the only one who thinks pufferjackets are the best jackets for curvy woman? It makes them even look fatter hehe
  12. Is it just me, or does her butt look a bit stretched out in the first picture? Not gonna lie, her body has some great curves, but it could always have some more
  13. Damnnn, she looks freakin hot!
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