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  1. You wore that Orange top in a rather recent photo set but you look so much bigger in it already! What on Earth are you doing to your tiny frame? It's like you have metabolism to speak of. Every calorie is absorbed and becomes a part of your thickening body!
  2. I think what makes this extra hot is that it adds a new dimension to the whole gain. You've clearly fattened up and locked the skinny-fat girl from days of old away forever, and you've also slowly brainwashed yourself into becoming a fatty in your mind as well, constantly stuffing, slurping, eating, and seeking to grow. But despite your fattened body and your conscious mind being fully taken over, your subconscious can't help but be stuck in your thin past. When you squeeze between cars, or through a small passage, your subconscious makes you think--just for a moment, mind you--that you're thin enough to make it. You're still that skinny little girl who dreams of being fat, it tells you. Then when you try, the oddest thing happens. You get stuck, or you just barely make it by squishing through. The many Inches of new fat in your ass and hips get squeezed and pinched between the tiny space your old form would have slipped through with ease. Your subconscious tricked you for a minute, but the realization when you wriggle free of those crevices is so sweet and shocking as it dawns on you that you've fattened up a LOT in a rather short amount of time, even for a quarantine gain when a little weight gain was acceptable.
  3. I just love hearing about the slow realization of being out of shape. Those little moments when you just feel every ounce of fat you've so greedily piled on all at once. I bet that a few years ago, even as a toneless, unfit skinny fat girl, that 4 flights of stairs was nothing to you. Just part of a routine and something you took for granted. Now you have to huff and puff and take a break after just 3 flights. You can feel that soft belly, that fat ass, those huge thighs, and your newly ripening double chin wobble and sway as they weigh you down and make the climb harder. You were never really in snape, but at least before your tiny frame didn't have much to lug around. Now you're a softening, curvy, heavier woman. You've gone up three, soon to be four, pants sizes. You're not so skinny anymore and now with each heavy breath after each stair you realize how deeply out of shape you are. Your ass looks huge and plush, your belly went from being tight and bloated to having a soft look akin to melting ice cream, and the new chub on your once thin face needs no explaining. You look so good and if that was just a flight of stairs, I can't imagine what other, more intense physical activity would do to you 😍
  4. You still look curvy and amazing. I can't believe how thick and plush your thighs and hips have gotten!
  5. I love this. It's like you fell victim to the trap of fast food. Its fatty, salty, basic flavors are literally designed to make you crave it and crawl back for more. Your refined palate was so used to eating classier, healthier, more complex foods and you brazenly thought yourself above the fast food industry's tricks. But in your quest to become bigger, you've caved into the very tactics you thought you were better than. With every pound you gain and every mcflurry or nugget you consume, your desire for salty, fatty, creamy, sugary junk food flavors only increases and gets deeper and less controllable. It's a sign that you're not just growing like a fat girl, but you're starting to think like one too. Completely brainwashing yourself and mind numbing yourself into the perfect piggy princess, unrecognizable both physically and psychologically.
  6. Some feedees come from fitness backgrounds or have natural muscle that informs their shape. Not you. Even when you were skinny, it was clear that you were just skinny-fat with no muscle tone of definition. Now that your metabolism is broken and beaten, your body can't help but fall back on the only thing it's ever known: depositing fat cells. You're so squishy, so full of chub and rolls all over. I bet your empty belly is just so soft and doughy, like jello. I would love so badly to be able to slink up behind you and squeeze that pillowy fat that's growing all over your tiny frame!!
  7. There's a disturbing trend that seems to occur where ladies are encouraged to gain endlessly with no regard to their health and wellbeing. Please do what is best for your health above all! I will enjoy whatever you post at any weight
  8. From this to arousing yourself at the thought of eating the 20-piece nugget!? Go get it and make it a reality! Then you can start fantasizing about the 40-piece.
  9. I love the idea that you never meant for things to go this far. That you've become a slave to your gluttony, chained by your innocent desire to put a little meat on your once thin body, brainwashed by all the fatty, salty, sugary food you forced down your mouth I can imagine when you committed to gaining weight, you cringed at the idea of eating fast food. You probably felt sick as the unfamiliar, fattening food filled your tummy. "Its okay," you might have thought, "I can stop whenever I want. I can put on a little pudge and then stop eating so much fast food." When your now-exhausted metabolism got in the way, you beat it into submission with more food. You even started drinking sugary, calorie-filled soda. You shoveled ice cream into your mouth like the piggy you were blissfully unaware you were becoming. And now, all these months later, something odd has happened. You aren't satisfied with so little food anymore. Your stomach has expanded and greedily begs for more to be satisfied. You've skipped pudgy and are assuredly chubby now, well on the way to fat. Fast food is no longer just a tool, but an addiction that's driving you further and further into hedonistic bliss and fattening you up with every bite. Your defeated metabolism poses no more threat, standing off to the side as your brainwashed body allocates every calorie into growing, softening, jiggling fat. And any moments of clarity and lucidity you might have thinking maybe you should undo these rapid and stark changes to that long-gone tiny body are completely undone as you mindlessly bite into another Wendy's burger. Soon you won't have those thoughts at all.
  10. Damn, all jawline definition is practically gone, melted into soft, jiggly fat. You're becoming totally unrecognizable.
  11. Literally in disbelief. You went from being rail thin and having a mega fast metabolism to three piled up rolls of fat and the beginnings of a double chin!! What have you done to yourself? No wonder you feel fat and plump...
  12. What do you enjoy most about fattening up? What made you decide to continue letting yourself go? 😍
  13. I really expected your battle against your body's natural metabolism to be long and drawn out, but you impress me. You've won, Ellie. Your metabolism fought, struggled, and desperately tried to fight against the flood of calories you kept pouring into your body, but at last it's defeated. You've brainwashed your own body into mindlessly piling on fat and expanding as much as possible as fast as possible. You are living proof that a steady diet of fast food and laziness can turn even a young girl with a rocket fast metabolism into a chubby, cellulite-ridden, out of shape piggy. It's becoming so obvious that you've let go. You beat your body's natural inclination to keep you skinny. You can only get fatter from here. Double down on your efforts and relish in your victory.
  14. Wow, you're looking great! I always love to watch the partying, beer, and food catch up with a thin sorority girl 😍 What made you decide to turn this happy accident of gaining into wanting to actively grow chubbier?
  15. You're looking so good!!! Your boyfriend must love feeding you and encouraging you, huh? What a dream it would be to feel your body softening as new rolls start to form and your once-toned body expands and settles into squishy fat 😍
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