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  1. Ask her what she’s hungry for and bring her more food of course
  2. Epic weight gain! It all looks amazing on you. Thanks for sharing!
  3. @LRC looking forward to seeing way more of you. What are your goals for your thread? Is this going to be a place we can see you and your beautiful body grow?
  4. Wow! Just wow! Not a bite of that pizza goes to waste on you. You definitely deserve a milkshake after finishing all that pizza. Your panties are so tight they are even leaving marks on your growing beautiful sexy belly now. Good job!
  5. Does that mean we get to see the after pizza pictures soon? 😇
  6. Yes! That pizza didn’t stand a chance! Your appetite is so cute and it’s really paying off in your growing soft belly. So sexy!
  7. That one piece highlights your hips, booty, and thighs perfectly. You should definitely wear that out!
  8. It is totally amazing how the sparkle from your belly button jewelry just perfectly compliments your amazingly soft and round belly. Perfection.
  9. That is so freaking hot. And I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how those jeans were meant to fit
  10. @Carmita Bonita I totally second what @NogutNoglory said here. Do what makes you happy and confident in yourself. Your curves are wonderful and you totally own them. Have the body that you want!
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