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  1. That was such a turn on to read. When you engage in this little healthy competition we all are going to win!
  2. I am so happy we finally have a shrine for your gorgeous curves. Thank you for all your super sexy content. Your accidental gain has been amazing to follow and I am so glad you are still enjoying all the delicious food and the amazing things it’s doing for your sexy body.
  3. I love how those panties cut into your sexy curvaceous hips. You are filling out so nicely. Your body is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the update. Have you been able to add any more video content recently?! I really enjoy watching you enjoy delicious sweets!
  4. This picture is still one of my all time favorites!
  5. I’ve been waiting for this thread! LFG!!
  6. There is so much potential here! Can’t wait to see how big and beautiful you become.
  7. That spare tire suits your beautiful curves so well. I look very much forward to seeing more of your sexy curvy body.
  8. That was so hot. Watching you lick the cream off your fingers was so sensual and sexy. You are gorgeous and that body of yours in so curvy and sexy.
  9. Wow! Those pants can’t contain her at all and that double chin is coming in nicely!
  10. Your hips and midsection are looking wonderfully thiccccc and soft all at the same town. Consider me pleased!
  11. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The female body is meant to be soft and curvy. You are very sexy, enjoy yourself, I know we enjoy seeing your gorgeous body
  12. Let’s take a second to appreciate how ridiculously hot and sexy this gif of you playing with your flabby belly is. So incredibly sexy! And peep that double chin!
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