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    This is a very fun video. If you like stretch marks and double chins then this video will not disappoint. Caroline struggles to get her newly stretch marked belly into her former attire. Her gain is truly exciting because her flabby belly cannot be contained in clothing that very recently fit. I think the stretchmarks are very telling about how hungry this little piggy has been
    This is a very sexy video the weigh in actually surprised me. Yall this little piggy is foreal she is gaining and trust me she is worth an investigation with regards to checking her videos out.
  1. Your stretch marks are so cute! I think it is safe to say that we are all excited to watch you grow and have fun on your journey
  2. the new weight looks really sexy on you. I hope you keeping indulging and satisfying all your cravings. I am excited to get to watch your journey. Please do not feel pressured to reach any weight benchmarks, I think it is safe to say that we all want to watch you have fun with this!
  3. Love the hair! And those stretch marks are a pleasant addition as well
  4. Nice attempt at sucking it in lol. I cant wait to fatten you up. We are going to get your blubbery belly down to your knees... I mean if your hungry
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