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  1. Hardly to believe I’ve gained 14 lbs since last week. Just finished a large bag of Lay’s with 1L choco milkshake.. My boyfriend didn’t react for my unusual appetite, seems just let me go as he may thought I work out too much recent days and need more supplement.. which actually I haven’t shown up in gym for couple days
  2. Thx for the advise, I started to eat fried chicken and cream cake at late night these days, in front of him.. And decided to gain more weight, see what he will do..
  3. I have a boyfriend who is really fitness, self-discipline about his diet and keeping workout everyday. I’m sure he is not a FA... I’m not chubby so far, and workout in gym, but in my deep of heart, I really hope be fed and gain more weight like piggy. I wanna become 300bls woman.. I’m not happy to be a normal skinny girl, but I’m afraid to lose my boyfriend and friends.. What should I do..
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